Responding to the hues of a long autumn

Inspired-by-autumn-brownsIt’s been an odd few weeks. The weather here in East Anglia as with the rest of the UK has been incredibly mild for December. There’s talk it will be the warmest December for over 70 years! Needless to say the garden has a few plants still blooming and some bursting forth completely at the wrong time of year – an early summer hardy geranium is coming into flower.

I’m currently working on a couple of long silk twill scarves and belatedly noticed that I had chosen a palette that was a reflection of the colours outside my studio/office window.

I hadn’t actively looked for inspiration from the garden. I simply felt I wanted to work with rich browns and muddy greens and soft muted pinks.


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21 Responses to Responding to the hues of a long autumn

  1. I love this. It reminds me of a nicely worn Oriental carpet, soft and just right to lie down on and read a book. I know it’s a scarf, but still – the image just came right to me!

    • agnesashe says:

      Thank you for such an interesting comment. I do love Oriental carpets, have one and guess what? – it’s got a lot of pink in it! I bought it secondhand when I lived in a bigger house and, sadly, it’s too big for where I live now. It’s rolled up and stored in the attic for another day.

      • When I was growing up, everyone had wall to wall carpet. I only knew of Oriental rugs from my grandparents’ house, and theirs were not anything special, but I loved them and I wanted to have them in my house when I grew up (which dream I have achieved!)

      • agnesashe says:

        Yes, isn’t interesting how we seem to have gone full circle on Oriental rugs. I think a fine one displays textile art and skill at its very best.

      • Yes, and even the pretty ordinary ones I have really are so far above Berber carpet or whatever.

        I’m also very fond of woven rugs of all types – the very fine ones and then on the other end of the scale, rag rugs. And then there are hooked rugs…I could go on…

      • agnesashe says:

        How strange you should mention hooked rugs – I’m working on a hooked wall hanging for an exhibition in February next year! Will be posting pics of progress after Christmas. I wanted to make use of the scraps of painted silk that I’ve collected over the years.

      • I’ll be very interested in seeing it. I’ve never tried this kind of work but I have always admired it.

      • agnesashe says:

        I’m a bit slow at the moment. Hopefully speed will increase when I learn to relax into the rhythm of the repetition!

      • Yes, I think it’s like knitting or crocheting – your fingers and hands have to build up a memory of the motions, I would think.

  2. margaret21 says:

    Lovely colours: and yes, I agree with Claudia McGill’s comment too. Happy Christmas!

    • agnesashe says:

      Thank you for the compliment. I’ve enjoyed your posts about Fountains Abbey. I guess with all the seasonal hard, but pleasurable work it’s got you into the Christmas spirit! Merry Christmas to you too.

  3. denis1950 says:

    Amazing scarves Agnes , the connection with your garden must have been purely natural instinct.
    As for the weather its called global warming, we are currently having a 4 day well over 30 o C heat wave and the countryside is ready to ignite it is so dry.

  4. agnesashe says:

    Thank you for your kind comment. Yes, I know that we humans like to think we are not part of the natural world, but we most certainly are and we do respond instinctively whether we are aware of it or not. Oh my goodness, on the issue of global warming, all I can say is how miserable it makes me feel to know that people all over our shared planet are having a really tough time dealing with freak weather, extreme long droughts or torrential rains and extensive flooding. Let’s hope the recent words and promises of the Paris Agreement get turned into beneficial ACTION.

  5. This is very pretty. The weather is really weird in Leeds, close to 14 degrees.. not very xmassy

  6. Hi Agnes, Have only just caught up with this post, and have been having a lovely time reading all the comments too. I agree with Claudia! And your exchange put me in mind of the beautiful floral carpets at L’infiorata di Spello. It’s on 28-29 May in 2016. If you were planning a trip to Italy, next year I can highly recommend it.

    • agnesashe says:

      Oh a trip to Italy – how I would LOVE that! I’ve looked at photos of the Spello festival and they reminded me of the Dutch Floral Parade I saw when I lived near Haarlem only they had constructed themed floats completely covered in flowers. Looking at the pics from Spello I think the carpet idea is visually more striking and appealing and somehow more romantic than the carnival style floats.

  7. Gorgeous colours! Hope you had a great Christmas in spite of this strange weather everywhere.

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