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Long gone favourites

Autumn is most definitely in the air. We’ve passed the autumnal equinox and the late summer blooms are looking ragged and at the end of the their displays. I have found myself choosing colours from the warmer end of the … Continue reading

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Evolution of a favourite motif

It started as a design worked partly from an aquilegia and partly from a showy lily. It is an easy motif that flows across the silk. And it has evolved and evolved into a very loose flowery shape I have used … Continue reading

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The Unconscious Influence of Taking Photographs

I use photographs a lot for my work. I am always looking for inspiration from the world around me and use my camera to capture these moments. Recently, when reviewing and rearranging my current online shop collections, I recognised subtle … Continue reading

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Who is out of step with whom?

Every inch of my silk scarves are hand painted by me. It’s obvious, I know, but that means like other artisans who craft all their own pieces, I can’t compete with mass-produced work. I’ve written several posts about my experiences … Continue reading

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Spring sunlight, apple blossom and photographing my work

Fresh spring weather and I have been making the most of the late afternoon sunlight. Re-photographing a few scarves with different styling.And, almost capturing a smile!  

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Inspirational medieval stained glass

Last year when I visited the Great Church of the Holy Trinity, Long Melford, I knew it had some of the finest surviving fifteenth-century stained glass in England. Naturally, I made sure I had plenty of time to photograph the … Continue reading

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Sorting through my collection of fabric I found a piece of silk I painted years ago with a colour combination I no longer like. It was pale enough to be over-dyed so I thought I’d experiment and work boldly with … Continue reading

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Are we in tune?

Sometimes you feel totally out of step and then suddenly with one extra long stride you’re right back in time and notice that you’re also in tune and on trend. That’s how I felt when scanning through lines of photographs … Continue reading

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Autumn UKHandmade Showcase feature

The English autumn has yet to turn chilly and most of my garden is still verdant with the heavy, dark green leaves of late summer, but autumn it is and the light is changing. Last week’s photoshoot certainly underscored this … Continue reading

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Working up a fennel/morning glory design

Change of season and change of mood and I’m feeling like working stripes into my more floral scarf designs. Looking at Mother Nature’s versions of decorative streaks has given me a good place to start. Some variations of Morning Glory have been … Continue reading

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Returning to a bird theme

Just added to my online shop another flat silk crepe silk square working with a stork motif placed within a stained glass window frame. Since I last worked with a stork motif it has greatly changed. Somehow it’s reduced in size … Continue reading

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