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Silk Scarves for Valentine’s Day

This time next week it will be Valentine’s Day. I do have a couple of red scarves on my online shop at the moment, but they don’t feel classically romantic to me. They’re too bright and, too, well, red. Thinking … Continue reading

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It’s Officially Spring

It was the Vernal Equinox on Tuesday and despite all the wintery and bitterly cold wind (a short visit from Mini-beast last week, the cousin of the Beast from the East) it is officially spring and just a little bit … Continue reading

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New Gift Boxes

Most of the scarves I sell are bought as gifts. And, whether my customer is buying from me in real life, or online, I carefully fold each scarf within acid free tissue paper and place it in a box. Now … Continue reading

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The Unconscious Influence of Taking Photographs

I use photographs a lot for my work. I am always looking for inspiration from the world around me and use my camera to capture these moments. Recently, when reviewing and rearranging my current online shop collections, I recognised subtle … Continue reading

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Working up a fennel/morning glory design

Change of season and change of mood and I’m feeling like working stripes into my more floral scarf designs. Looking at Mother Nature’s versions of decorative streaks has given me a good place to start. Some variations of Morning Glory have been … Continue reading

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Returning to a bird theme

Just added to my online shop another flat silk crepe silk square working with a stork motif placed within a stained glass window frame. Since I last worked with a stork motif it has greatly changed. Somehow it’s reduced in size … Continue reading

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Silk for everyday

When I started my online shop three years ago getting to grips with product photography was essential. I found that photographing my painted scarves to achieve the nearest representation to how they appeared in reality in normal daylight, was a … Continue reading

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Pink for Valentine’s Day

Last weekend I noticed in the supermarket a whole aisle of red and pink stuff. As Halloween is a black and orange affair and Christmas is white, red and green and Easter has been yellow for decades, it is now … Continue reading

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Responding to the hues of a long autumn

It’s been an odd few weeks. The weather here in East Anglia as with the rest of the UK has been incredibly mild for December. There’s talk it will be the warmest December for over 70 years! Needless to say … Continue reading

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Shopping globally, inspired locally

Don’t you just love our flexible outlook on life? Most of us have that strange ability to hold two totally opposing views at the same time. Here on Planet Earth we happily buy and sell to each other all round … Continue reading

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Sheer – diaphanous yet elegant

Valeria lilac Silk chiffon is a beautiful fabric to work with and a luxurious fabric to wear. The sheer, diaphanous quality allows a scarf to appear fluid subtly changing colour as it passes over your skin, your shirt or your … Continue reading

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