Birthday Surprise

Like many people during the last three months I marked a birthday. It was one of those ‘milestone’ birthdays (no need to mention which one!) and the small treat organised by my daughter was cancelled due to you know what.

Hand painted DMs.

Being furloughed from work and locked down in London she was unable to travel to Ipswich to make a visit (unfortunately her name isn’t Dominique). However, she did find she had more time on her hands than expected and decided to make up for the cancelled event with a surprise gift instead.

Unbeknown to me and through a series of seemingly random and cryptic messages, she deduced that my current favourite colours are green, lilac, turquoise and gold.

I was also sent a sketch ‘for my opinion’ under the ruse of entering a competition being run by Dr Martens. It never crossed my mind she was painting a pair for me.

Painting Dr Martens shoes.

So, when the postie knocked loudly on my door and was already back in his van waving at me as I opened the front door, I was genuinely surprised to see a random, unexpected parcel on my doorstep. And, even more surprised when I opened it to find these gorgeous, colourful shoes inside – painted especially for me.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

11 thoughts on “Birthday Surprise”

    1. 😁 I wish, and thanks for the best wishes. Regarding the daughter – it’s most definitely in the genes – double dose, her father is a graphic designer, although I am happy to take the blame!

    1. Morning Barbara, thank you and I will pass on your praise to my daughter. Oh yes, those on your link are fabulous too. As with anything that’s a little different you have to pay more. I think my shoes took my daughter a couple of days to paint – apparently something todo with drying times? Thankfully she has just received some ‘proper’ paid work from her university to mark scripts online. I think it’s going to be tough times for the universities and I am wondering whether she will ever finish her PhD now.
      Hope all is well in Yorkshire and your garden is enjoying the rain.

      1. All good here still, thank you, Agnes. I have stuff to do inside so both I and the garden welcome the rain. Sending good luck wishes to your daughter. So frustrating. Barbara

    1. Thank you. She was disappointed that the birthday trip to Glasgow for the Euro 2020 football was cancelled and she knows I love colourful things and comfortable footwear.

  1. That is mind-blowing. I would never have thought of painting shoes, and how clever of her to devise the gift. Not only a work of art, but of a work of planning and implementation. No last minute scramble for ideas there. It must have brought you close to tears. Happy birthday 🙂

    1. Thank you and yes, it really was genuinely a big surprise. However there has been an ongoing competition run by Doc Martens to upload photos of how you decorate your boots. I did vaguely remember this so her ruse fell on fertile ground.

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