Lockdown trim

Although it looks as if more and more shops and services will be reopening through June, hairdressers will not be amongst them. Personally, I am not that bothered about my hair as it’s usually an unruly mess or partially tamed into a French pleat. Here is a confession, as it happens I have been known in the past to give my hair a light trim much to the consternation of my hairdresser.

For me and my hair there always comes that moment when I suddenly notice it’s too long, it’s a nuisance and it’s time to phone the hairdressers for an appointment.

However, as we all know at the moment if you don’t have a household member who is artistic and creative, or simply competent with scissors, it’s a selfie-haircut for you. Naturally, I have had a go at mine. It’s okay, but I can already hear my hairdresser saying, “You’ve been cutting your own hair again, haven’t you? . . . ”

But this time I am sure she will be adding, “. . . I am not really surprised as EVERYBODY has been ‘cutting’ their hair!”

I was amazed that it looks reasonably even and level-ish. (I used the ‘method’ where you divide your hair in half down the back of your head, pull half to left and chop, then the other half to right and chop. Job done.)

Now, here is one final thought, when I do get an appointment and visit the hairdressers, will she be talking to me through a face mask as I reply through mine. Will this be the new normal? If so, I think our eyes and eyebrows will be doing a lot more work!

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

9 thoughts on “Lockdown trim”

    1. Yes, I think you are right there. The only time I have had my hair really, really short it was a trip to the hairdressers every six weeks instead of my usual every six months. Maybe hairdressers will be reopening next month???

      1. I see your Dominic Cummings has been at it again. It made me think, when potential Prime Ministers seek election, they should also declare up front who is going to be their political adviser, and that person should also be interviewed, etc. They wield such influence these days.

      2. Well, following all the Brexit lies and rubbish people interested in politics did know of Cummings, but it was the UK’s Channel 4 play ‘Brexit: The Uncivil War’, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Cummings, that really brought DC to wider attention. Unfortunately, I think the play glamorised Cummings and perpetuated this idea that he is ‘brilliant’. Personally, I think he is simply without a conscience and as such has no problem with lies. Coincidently, I once met his father-in-law, Humphry Wakefield. We had rented a holiday apartment in Chillingham Castle whilst he was renovating it and he gave us a guided tour of what was, back then, almost a ruin. I remember him, but I can’t write publicly what I thought at the time, and, it appears reading more recent press articles age has not tempered him, but quite the reverse.

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