High summer flowers – lilies, dahlias and hollyhocks


August in the garden, even when not hot and sunny, has a very different palette to the pastels seen at the beginning of summer.

I used to have a bed filled with bright pink echinaceas and hot orange rudbeckias, but these prairie lovers have been squeezed out as my garden has matured.

I miss my prairie, high summer bed which is now in the shade of a Bramley apple tree. It really is a bit too gloomy, but I have strategically placed large pots of dahlias to give it a lift.


Another part of my garden that has changed significantly is under the pergola. This area is now in fairly deep shade cast by the wisteria and a vigorous grape vine. However, towards the south-facing edge a blue hydrangea and some lily pots have just enough light to bloom, but they most definitely require regular watering.

I do love the scent of lilies, but in the end, on a dull August day, the vibrant, visual zing of a bunch of dahlias jolts me into remembering it is high summer after all.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

14 thoughts on “High summer flowers – lilies, dahlias and hollyhocks”

  1. Wow your photography really makes these flowers stand out and the colours just pop! With our drought and extended heat wave out flowers have been so stressed – this is a feast for the eyes.

    1. Oh drought – it’s horrible to watch as your garden slowly turns to a crispy brown. These flower pics are either from plants in shade or in pots I’ve watered. As my soil is so free draining 10 days of summer without rain and I start to lose stuff. Last year it was the big rose, this year, so far, it’s the 10 year old philadelphus that’s just keeled over. Hope you get some rain soon – it’s been 26 degrees here today and 28 forecast for tomorrow which is hot for us. This weekend we’ve a bank holiday coming up so that just about guarantees rain!!

      1. Erratic weather seems to be the new normal so planting more in pots is the way I intend to go too. Looked up philadelphus – what a shame to lose that!

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