Summer seals


It was very windy last weekend and the sea was rough with plenty of white horses. On the sandy beach granite rocks are strategically strewn across the shoreline in attempt to reduce erosion, but what’s that? – a rock just moved.

grey seals on the beach
A few members of the grey seal colony at Horsey Gap, Norfolk.

Walking down towards the sea we find members of the Horsey Gap grey seal colony flopped out and sunning themselves. Or, playing rough and tumble in the surf.

Or, simply having a little nap.

The seal colony at Horsey Gap on Norfolk’s east coast is popular with visitors in late winter when all the pups have just been born. We were surprised to find so many seals on the beach in August. Of course, there are always one or two of them watching the watchers. . . .

. . .  especially when some of those watchers come a little too close and then the whole colony clumsily, but speedily move a couple of metres towards the water and away from the nosey humans.


You can’t see in these photos just how windy it was, but every now and then a gust whipped up the sand stinging any exposed skin. It reminded my father of the Shamal that blows down from Iraq and across Kuwait almost continuously during June and July each year.



Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

14 thoughts on “Summer seals”

  1. Oh bingo! We wrote about seals on the same day. Your photos are brilliant. I love the way you have captured them looking into the lens, and playing by the surf. And I’d forgotten the term “white horses”. I must store that in my memory bank for future use.

      1. I sure don’t like it whipping around in the wind either. And after I have stretched out on sand I can’t walk properly for a while after because of lack of lower back support. That one was never a problem when I was twenty 😀

      2. Even though I tan easily, I’ve never been a fan of sandy, beach times – always prefer to be swimming in the sea. Yes, and second guessing you, I have been swimming in the North Sea in those seal photos just up the coast at Waxham, but only on a hot day!

    1. I think the seals here would prefer that humans kept their distance. This spot is properly cordoned off during the winter months to protect the young pups.

    1. It is a ‘gentle’ coast, should really be large marsh and wetland areas rather than dry land behind a sea wall. As you probably know this area is undergoing considerable erosion. At nearby Hembsy, in 2013, a bungalow fell into the sea after a storm.

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