Mother’s Day 2022

There’s not so much to be positive about at the moment, but we can at least take a moment to think about and celebrate our mothers.

My mother in her late twenties.

I have much to thank my mother for not least her interest in the visual arts. She was in the audience for one of my early forays into the world of fashion when she attended a catwalk show in London where some of my work was presented. And, she did see my daughter the evening she went off to her Prom in a painted silk chiffon dress I’d made.

Painted silk chiffon for Prom dresses. My niece in the lilac and my daughter in the peach.

However, sadly she never knew I launched a business with an online boutique.

Example of my work. Professional studio, lighting and model.

Of course, for those of you lucky enough to still have your mothers in your lives there are plenty of gifts of all types and kinds these days. There are edible, wearable, watchable, doable, learnable and give-aid-able gifts on offer.

Naturally, in the ‘wearable’ option there are my hand painted silk scarves!

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

15 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2022”

    1. Ahh, yes, that’s one way to describe her. You don’t always realise as a kid that your mum is known as larger than life as she’s just your mum. She looks very serious in this photo, but her nickname when she was young was Smiler.

  1. That’s interesting. Your mother has similar facial bone structure and hairstyle to mine, circa 1940. Must post a photo one day.
    Imagine being the lucky girl sent off to her prom in one of your creations. Both daughter and niece look fantastic.
    Good luck with Mother’s Day sales.

    1. Thank you. Somehow don’t think sales are going to be great this year as UK now in middle of massive cost of living crisis. And, our super rich Chancellor has utterly no comprehension how ordinary people live. Yesterday, he promised a tax cut in two years time!! I cannot express in public what I think about Johnson and his Cabinet of pitiless worms.

      1. Oh I expect he’ll benefit from all the ‘we can’t change leaders in the middle of a global crisis’ rubbish. Johnson has done virtually nothing, looks like a pathetic, shambling tramp amongst the other world leaders, and yet apparently his polling has improved.

      2. Johnson really is embarrassing, isn’t he? I wish I could remember the name of a book I heard about that delved into how the British Public School system is turning out politicians entirely unsuited to the task.

      3. I think there’s at least three recent books on that theme. There’s ‘Engines of Privilege’ by Francis Green and David Kynaston, ‘Posh Boys’ by Robert Verkaik and another is ‘Sad Little Men’ by Richard Beard. Can’t think why we’ve had this recent proliferation!!!

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