6 thoughts on “It starts from the top.”

  1. The ongoing educational trend to getting students ‘workforce ready’ is so short sighted and all the studies on the importance of creativity and the arts towards expanding our minds just seems pushed aside – hard to understand the contradiction. Wonderful that public libraries were included in the cultural engagement survey – so underrated a public service!

    1. Yes, short sighted is absolutely right. I don’t know what it is like in Canada, but here in the UK with all the cuts some of our public libraries have been closing and those that are still open are frequently run by a team of volunteers.

      1. Every time a city or town council has tried to cut back on libraries there has been a real public outcry – so far, so good. Libraries have been pretty creative here though – recreating themselves as community hubs with meeting spaces and all sorts of events…this builds a broader support base.

      2. Community hubs are a great idea. I think some of our libraries are heading that way. I think it depends on the Local Authority and how many paid Librarians a given area has to oversee any new initiatives. Sometimes their resources are spread pretty thinly.

  2. Don’t get me started. This is dismal beyond belief. However, at least libraries run by volunteers are still open. And where I live, saving money by using volunteers alongside professionals has at least protected the book buying budget. But the thought that children currently in school are being increasingly denied exposure to the creative arts is thoroughly depressing and shows little sign of changing in the foreseeable future.

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