Stealing from the past – painting Silvia

Agnes-Ashe-clover-pink-close-up copyLiving in East Anglia there are many parish churches that still retain both medieval and Victorian church art. Painted rood screens and colourful stained glass provide a wealth of inspiration for my silk scarf designs.

I like to steal ideas for motifs and also re-work various colour combinations. Often I will just use a tiny part of a much larger stained glass window whether its from a Tudor pane or details ornamenting a Victorian light.

And, once I have created the whole design and transferred it to the silk I then steal colour combinations from a completely different medium such as the oil on board paintings of local medieval rood screens.

The finished work may not obviously look either Victorian or medieval in style, but if you look closely you may be able to spot a motif or two and recognise the ‘dirty pinks’ from the painting of St Lawrence’s robe.Silvia-square

Available from my online shop Agnes Ashe.


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8 Responses to Stealing from the past – painting Silvia

  1. margaret21 says:

    Oh, I love a nice dirty pink. This is gorgeous.

  2. I’m supposed to be a ‘winter’ on the colour palette (sharp and clear), but I am emotionally drawn to this dirty pink. I love it. Just gorgeous.

  3. Frivolous says:

    I do like the black and white window close up. It does show how much painting must go on when I liked to believe they were all shaped coloured pieces of glass.

  4. agnesashe says:

    Yes, actually painting/staining the glass goes in and out of fashion over the centuries. Painted glass made a big comeback with the Victorians as they were, with the Gothic Revival, attempting to produce an improved version of the ‘medieval’. And, these days contemporary stained glass is working with all the developments in glass technology so not so much painting more working with the quality of light and aura produced by coloured windows.

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