A tricky colour to photograph

Sometimes for some strange reason, and unwittingly, I just make my life that little bit more awkward and this is one such occasion. I absolutely know that the one colour I find virtually impossible to accurately photograph is pale turquoise. Naturally, therefore that is the very shade that has ended up being THE conspicuous colour for my latest 90 x 90 cm silk scarf.

I simply cannot explain how this happened, as you can see below it all began innocently enough with simple, primary highlights of red, green, yellow and blue and then a few dark smudges of deep purple.

However, after painting in the black and grey border I pondered, considered and then decided the small corner details could be in a turquoise/sea green colour and then suddenly I find I am industriously splashing it all over the centre panel.

I expect you have heard authors say that often their characters take on their own life and lead a story off in a completely new and unexpected direction, and I, behind my hand, have thought right, okay, sure. But, after my experience with this scarf, I believe them. I am totally converted to the idea that a creative process can somehow evolve pretty much under its own steam.

So, there you have it a pale turquoise (or is that sea green?) silk scarf with a few highlights of other colours!

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

17 thoughts on “A tricky colour to photograph”

  1. That’s beautiful. And if inspiration took over, so be it. It was all in your hands. And photographing blue – any blue – is a nightmare. Dunno why.

    1. Thank you. I think this tricky business is probably the ambient light and how our various devices process that light as it is reflected back to us from our subject. If only I could remember anything, and I mean anything from my physics A-level. 🙄

      1. I am finding unless I am in really lowlight situations the cameras on my phone will do an excellent job very easily and very quickly. . . and its nowhere near as heavy to lug around.

  2. Wow, it is exquisite. And I firmly believe that each project runs itself – it only lets us think we are. At least that is what happens to me! As to the difficulty in photographing this color, I believe it is because (at least for me) my camera and my phone camera both tend to the blue side in any image. I correct it as best I can in photo editing and sometimes I have to address the specific turquoise range you mention on its own because it needs to be greener, not as blue. Eek, who knew!

    1. Thank you. And, I am so pleased to read that you believe a project runs itself. I am very much a convert to this and now I think I will be going more with the flow in my work rather trying to wrestle it to a preconceived outcome. Yes, I also agree about the tech processing imagery towards the blue side to a greater or lesser extent. I guess we just have to get used to our own equipment and make the necessary post production adjustments. Nothing is ever simple and straight forwards is it?

      1. You are right, we must always be navigating! I have come to believe it is arrogant of me to think I am doing whatever it is I am doing all by myself. I do not atrribute the inspirations or abilities to a specific source, but I am grateful to be a recipient. And then there are the projects…I find as I get older I am less worried about outcomes so their propensity to take the reins and run is a lot of fun for me to go along on the ride.

  3. The last image was very clear. You have a fascinating range of colour there Agnes. My wife is into natural dying processes usually with spun wool and cotton so I am surrounded with colour creativity.

    1. How lovely – surrounded by colour. At the beginning of last year I began investigating natural dyes, especially from homegrown plants and then Covid arrived and my interest got knocked sideways when mask painting and making suddenly happened. I am hoping to take another look now the virus is on the back foot. 🤞🏻

  4. The colours come through beautifully on your model although only you know if they are accurate. Let me thank you for a spectacular birthday present I received to cheer me up during our never ending lockdowns. After years of showing my husband some of your gorgeous scarves he took it on himself to surprise me with a silky, diaphanous, mainly mauve and flowered beauty that lifted my spirits the moment it arrived. Thank you from my side of the pond 💕

    1. Hi, what a surprise and how lovely it lifted your spirits. (Please thank your husband from me for the order.) I don’t usually know who my customers are and I had absolutely no idea at all when I shipped that particular order to Canada that it was for anyone I knew in the blogging world. If I had known I would have included a couple of cards for you. One with a gift message from your husband and a second from me wishing ‘🎊Womanseyeview🎊’ many happy returns🎉🎉🎉. I am so pleased you like it. I am also relieved it arrived as the postal services have been very, very slow and less reliable than usual this past ghastly year. Here’s hoping for a better and healthier 2021 one for everybody, best wishes Agnes.

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