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I mostly design and paint silk scarves, but over the years I have painted many metres of silk that have been made up into garments.

Please CLICK on above link to see what’s currently available. I’m based in the UK (East Anglia in England), but I ship internationally too.

A silk scarf is often purchased as a gift and so my full-sized scarves (that’s all except the bandanas) are wrapped in acid free tissue paper, enclosed in a ‘signature’ gift box and despatched in a postage outer box. Bandana-sized silk scarves and silk pocket squares are despatched in a signature envelope.



9 Responses to Shop link

  1. Anna says:

    Gorgeous scarves ( and the photos are just right!)

  2. silkyblue06 says:

    The most beautiful scarves and each one a unique piece of art – the only problem, which one to choose?!

    • agnesashe says:

      Thank you for generous comment. You have a point, they are a kind of hybrid between a useful piece of clothing and art. Definitely more decorative than conceptual!

  3. deladesignstudio says:

    A piece of art indeed, each and every one tells a different story. I love them x

    • agnesashe says:

      Thank you. I see you have a wordpress blog now – have you migrated from another blogging platform?

      • deladesignstudio says:

        Oh no, I’m actually brand new with the whole blog thing, wish me luck 🙂
        I’d love some advise from you ! x

      • agnesashe says:

        Welcome, welcome then and the best of luck!!

        Widgets – that is what I like best about using wordpress, as they give you some easy flexibility. It’s a while since I set up my blog and the ‘wordpress’ people have rearranged the process a couple times since I did mine, but have a play around with the widgets you’d like to include.

        General tips from my Graphic Designer friends is to keep the overall look clean and uncluttered. Lots of white space (sounds boring doesn’t it), and ‘fixed info’ on your pages and not posts. The ‘create gallery’ choice in the uploading media option is a great way to show a number of photos. I always check what my posts look like on my mobile too as it’s different to my computer!

        Best of all is the people in this blogging community are friendly and helpful. And, more technical questions can be asked in the wordpress forums. Hope that is some help.
        All the best, Agnes

  4. deladesignstudio says:

    Thanks a lot Agnes ! x

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