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It’s all about the pecking order

Last month whilst staying with my father I hid behind the Venetian blinds and poked my camera lens through to see what was occurring at the bird feeders. There were several phases of activity when several birds arrived at the … Continue reading

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Summer seals

It was very windy last weekend and the sea was rough with plenty of white horses. On the sandy beach granite rocks are strategically strewn across the shoreline in attempt to reduce erosion, but what’s that? – a rock just … Continue reading

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I said no photographs, please

“I think that means you behind the lens – I can see you” “Look, I don’t want everyone knowing where I live. Privacy, please.”

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Breakfast please – it’s been a cold night

First very cold night of the winter and this morning five blackbirds have been squabbling over the limited food resources round the garden. One of the birds came up close to the window and just perched on a pot staring … Continue reading

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Hedgehog house – as commissioned by Mother Nature

Here’s a little thought ‘I don’t think that this looks inviting, but hey, I’m not the intended resident’. My garden isn’t formal by any stretch of the imagination, and a large pile of leaves heaped up behind the potted yew … Continue reading

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Guest Shuns Hedgehog House at 1 The Wild Corner

About five years ago my daughter and I constructed a 5 star hedgehog residence in the wild corner of the back garden. ┬áI ┬áremember it vividly as I borrowed my father’s circular saw to cut up a wooden pallet left … Continue reading

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