Silk for everyday


When I started my online shop three years ago getting to grips with product photography was essential. I found that photographing my painted scarves to achieve the nearest representation to how they appeared in reality in normal daylight, was a major issue.

Recently I attempted to model my own work so I could catch the best ambient light. The colour accuracy of the two examples below is probably the nearest to real life I’ve managed. It was outside with bright, but overcast skies. However, pin sharp focussing proved virtually impossible working on my own with the camera on the timer. And, in the end I discovered that it takes a very special photographer that can make a back view interesting particularly against a bland background. And, that’s not me!

Of course not all my work ends up for sale as with any hand process some pieces just don’t make the grade. After steaming I make a close inspection and sometimes a fault previously invisible shows up or water in the steaming process has spoilt the design.¬†Naturally these¬†don’t end up in one of my rag wall hangings like the offcuts do, but instead I wear them in my everyday life. Obviously, these rejects pop up in informal pictures taken by other people. Below, I’m just in from picking up folks at the local railway station! Focus is good, colour accuracy is pretty precise too, but oh my goodness somebody is always pulling a stupid face!!!


Then there are the pics taken on other peoples’ mobiles – more silly faces and now poor quality as the images get rendered across different devices.

Finally, and oddly for me, one of my more spirited photos showing me wearing my work, is a selfie! It shows an eccentric use of a couple of my old art silk scarves. Last summer I was turning my compost in the back garden when I unwittingly disturbed the beginnings of a bee colony and had to take some hasty precautions not to get stung to bits.



A page out of the Grace Kelly style book

What a pity that the latest film about the life of Grace Kelly starring Nicole Kidman has been resolutely panned by the critics. Being a fan of her ‘sunglasses and scarf’ fashion I had been looking forward to going to see ‘Grace of Monaco’ on the big screen. However, the reviews have been so bad, I’ll wait and catch it on telly. One of the Sunday newspaper film critics said,

“Grace of Monaco is the unintentional comedy of the summer – just don’t go and see it.”

Looking at different photographs of both Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly and the real Princess Grace, I noticed silk squares tied in a conventional manner as a headscarf and, smaller, bandana-sized silk squares simply knotted round the neck.

Following a couple of requests I have just been working on a small collection of ‘bandana’ sized scarves suitable for tying round the neck. I started working with spring colours as I reported in a previous post, and moved on to this brighter, jewel green.


Now finished, steamed, washed, pressed and modelled in my shop.