Fading tulips


Some flowers just keep giving and giving.

Parrot tulip Libretto

Here’s a shot about two minutes later as the tulip just catches the setting sun.


And, another photo, a few days later. The fading bloom is still enchanting and certainly gives us a fine example of the Japanese aesthetic, wabi sabi.





Spring flowers


Finally we had a sunny day and I ventured out to have a quick look round the garden. The hellebore flowers and the hebe foliage are looking colourful, but that was about all.


So feeling impatient I’ve cheated for my spring bouquet and bought some tulips to add a little more flower power. These tulips are Libretto Parrot and will open into a frilly, striped affair.


I’m sure I used to have pink and green stripy tulips (Greenland) in the front garden, but I don’t think I planted them deep enough to survive more than one season. Still, these parrots will bring a burst of spring colour indoors.