Mugshots or fashion?

Mug-shot-or-fashionScrolling through multiple images from the last clutch of fashion shows it struck me that hair and make-up was moving towards the austere or even harsh. Several shows have models with pale faces featuring that modish special accent, heavy, dark eye-brows. The look is completed with the face framed by tightly styled and restrained hair.

Here this model from a recent Chanel show featured in Vogue UK looks quite irritated in colour, but positively scary in black and white.

Some of these looks combined with the contemporary model countenance, the ‘blank stare’, made me think of mugshots for police records rather than the refined world of haute couture.

However, looking through some of my own recent shots, both in colour and as black and white, I think you can see that it is the facial expression, particularly round the eyes, that makes the tone of the overall image menacing or not and not really the hair or make-up or those eye-brows!

Somewhere in the Etsy TV Ad!

Well, I know where to look so I can just see my model in the distance, but, what a relief, not me. Below is the shop badge that Etsy have sent me to use absolutely all over the place! Professionally taken photograph of my model – thank you very much.


Here’s my non-professional photo taken on the set whilst patiently waiting for the next take.

Film & TV Studios, South London
Waiting around on the set.
Film & TV Studios, South London.