The Grand Budapest Hotel – Books the Whimsy Suite

Grand Budapest HotelWhen I saw the trailers for The Grand Budapest Hotel my attention was immediately grabbed by the image of the pink hotel facade. As I’ve mentioned before I love to really look all round the screen when I’m watching a movie so Wes Anderson’s latest offering was one I couldn’t miss. The deep rich colours and the delightful, just slightly over-the-top performance by Ralph Fiennes made it an enjoyable diversion. The interior details, the visual fun and the knowing, cartoon performances worked during the colourful parts of the film, but once it moved into the grey of the prison and the whites of a snowy landscape my attention drifted off. I suppose overall it was neither amusing enough nor clever enough and without the captivating visuals became grey candy floss.

Wes Anderson style whimsy
Auditioning for a Wes Anderson film at the V&A
A bit of whimsy?