What you see, what we saw!

Etsy Ad TV acting dog
Greeting the star of the Etsy TV Advert!

I don’t want to bore for England on this one, so here’s my last comment about the Etsy TV Ad business/episode/eye-opener. I understand that it was shown again last night on UK terrestrial television.

This is what you saw on the screen . . . TV, laptop, iPad, phone whatever.

And this is what we saw. Here are a few shots of the ingredients that came together with a sprinkle of film-world magic to produce the finished advert.

On the set.
On the set.


No, honestly, I can’t believe it either and I was really there. Oh, the powerful charm and mystique of illusion.

And then there was the endless waiting, waiting and waiting.

The glamorous waiting area at the back of the set.
The glamorous waiting area at the back of the set.
silk scarf model
My model (very patient) feeling the early evening chill as the sun went down on the shoot.

Somewhere in the Etsy TV Ad!

Well, I know where to look so I can just see my model in the distance, but, what a relief, not me. Below is the shop badge that Etsy have sent me to use absolutely all over the place! Professionally taken photograph of my model – thank you very much.


Here’s my non-professional photo taken on the set whilst patiently waiting for the next take.

Film & TV Studios, South London
Waiting around on the set.
Film & TV Studios, South London.