Saturday morning cutting across Hyde Park

Just a brief note – my daughter and I walked through Hyde Park yesterday morning. We enjoyed all the energetic dogs running in the fresh morning sunlight. We also admired the hardy souls at the front of the queue already camped out round the Albert Hall for the Last Night of the Proms. (Sadly, due to other commitments I couldn’t join the queue to be a promenader and hear Joyce DiDonato sing in the evening.)

Royal Albert Hall Proms queue
Last Night of the Proms Queue, 10.45 am Saturday morning .

As we walked round the building, chatting to each other, minding our own business, a shifty man hissed ‘Last Night tickets’ at us. My daughter a regular festival/gig goer just laughed and said there are always touts hanging around any event. Now, I am sorry, but I am going to moan – touts, and I am afraid people who buy from touts on the street, just promote the unsavoury side of the secondary market in show tickets. There has been an on/off rumbling about the secondary market for tickets sales in the UK for the last couple of years. And, in particular, the reselling of debenture tickets for premium events such as Wimbledon and charity music events at the Royal Albert Hall.

My daughter and I are fans of eighteenth-century music. Bach, Handel, Telemann, Arne etc, etc, so here’s our somewhat earthy, Baroque view of ticket touts.

Now from the ridiculous back to the sublime, well a beautiful display of Gothic Revival, the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park.

Ooh, nearly forgot, talking of Thomas Arne, absolutely loved Joyce DiDonato’s interpretation of ‘Rule, Britannia’ at the Last Night (just seen it thanks to YouTube).