May Day Holiday – labouring in the garden

End-of-dayUnusual for us Brits to get a Bank Holiday with sunshine so I made the most of it busy in the garden. Seem to be snowed under with self-sewn white honesty this year.


All the greens are vivid and fresh and over the pergola the wisteria is just about to burst into its dramatic display.


It’s a busy time in the garden pricking out seedlings, potting on and preparing the raised beds for plantings.


I’m always surprised at how each year the garden is different. Over the winter some plants have survived and others have withered, but this spring the amalanchier lamarkii (Juneberry) is finally looking tree-like after 10 years.

Amalanchier lamarkii finally looking more like a tree than a shrub.
Amalanchier lamarkii finally looking more like a tree than a shrub.

An Easter Arrangement

tulips, honest, euphorbia
White tulips, white honesty, euphorbia amygdaloides robbiae and euphorbia characias wulfenii.
Hopefully from now on there will be a succession of blooms, blossom, foliage and flowers to provide the odd informal flower arrangement as and when needed. (Just a small word of warning – euphorbia bleeds a white sap when cut and can cause irritation to the skin. Best to wear gloves and sear the base of the stalks for about 10-15 seconds in boiling water.)

tulips, honesty, euphorbia
Particularly attractive in the low evening light.

And, there’s even a spare pelargonium bloom for a little arrangement for the kitchen.

lunaria annua alba, myosotis, pelargonium,
Brightening my view whilst at the kitchen sink.