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To filter or not to filter?

Accurate colour representation, strictly speaking re-presentation, on screen-based devices is, I have now decided, impossible. But before I get bogged down in the philosophical depths of reality and the perception of reality, let’s just say that we don’t all see … Continue reading

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Squares, not boring, but tricky

Not my favourite job – photographing squares. Of course I mean square scarves not long scarves and certainly not people! Plenty of space, good natural lighting and hopefully a still day are my preferred conditions. My best pictures are usually … Continue reading

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Fading green – inspired by nature, again.

Fading flowers and foliage in the autumn garden provide inspirational shapes and colour as the vibrant summer greens lose their intensity. Eventually after a couple of hours in the steamer the dyes are fixed and the scarf can be modelled, … Continue reading

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Lime green, sap green and green gold – nature’s spring palette

With the turning of the seasons there is a change in the light levels. The animals and the plants respond, but I think human beings, even living within a 24-hour artificially lit world, sense the change. The scarf I started … Continue reading

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A Blue and Green Affair

The enduring appeal of the peacock display of colours recently caught my attention and prompted me to venture into a so-called forbidden combination. I think I first heard my Nanna declare ‘Blue and green should never be seen’, when I … Continue reading

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Starting from Scratch – Part Three

I have now settled on the design for this new banner. I’ve worked up the sketches and have drawn it out on the silk. It will also be a scarf. It takes me about an hour to mix up the … Continue reading

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An Abundance of Foliage

It’s very easy in the middle of summer to be blinded by all the flashiness and spectacle of an abundance of colourful blooms, yet it is also when the garden is in full leaf. Green foliage, green grasses, green buds, … Continue reading

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