Christmas 2016 – UK posting dates

christmas-giftIt’s the first day of December and we can now ‘officially’ mention Christmas! Round my way we’ve already had an increase of delivery vans and hardworking folk dropping off parcels well into the evening darkness. Each year the Royal Mail issues its last posting dates. You don’t want a special Christmas gift to turn up in January!


But, of course, things don’t always run as smoothly as hoped for and just to be on the safe side my dates are not quite so last minute.


In the last three years I have found the Special Delivery service very good and only once has a silk scarf, boxed and packaged, temporarily taken a detour to the wrong sorting office. With the full tracking information I saw it arrive in Scotland at a sorting office on the wrong side of the loch. What was probably a 15 minute trip across the water was a 30 mile trek by road and another day added to the delivery time. A worrying time for both me and my customer, but a successful delivery in the end.


The Art & Design of Gift Wrapping

parcel ribbons gift wrapThere is definitely an art to gift giving. Sometimes you are hunting around for inspiration under time pressure and the whole process becomes a chore. But on other occasions the stars align and you find or make something you think perfect – a natural fit for the recipient. When you’re in this bubble the icing on the cake is wrapping the present in a pleasing and enticing manner.

blue hydrangea bay leaves unripe fig

Expense is not always necessary. I think one of the most memorable gifts I’ve received was an old, bakelite clock wrapped in a combination of crisp brown paper, old newspaper and string. It was very artfully done and the wrapping complemented the clock. The giver was an architect and so even the writing on the tag was beautiful. Receiving carefully presented gifts is so pleasurable as somebody has taken the time and effort and was thinking of you. When parcel wrapping myself I attempt to return the gesture.

decorate hydrangea bay and unripe fig

Mind you sometimes our hopes for the finished look outstrip our capabilities!

one homely gift wrapped present
Bit lame, I know, but in my defence I sincerely believe in recycling – and recycling again.