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The blurred boundary of changing seasons

As the year turns nature dresses and redresses herself in a succession of seasonal floral and foliage combinations. Mostly this is a gradual affair in my garden, but the boundary between winter to spring offers the sharpest of the mostly … Continue reading

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Fading green – inspired by nature, again.

Fading flowers and foliage in the autumn garden provide inspirational shapes and colour as the vibrant summer greens lose their intensity. Eventually after a couple of hours in the steamer the dyes are fixed and the scarf can be modelled, … Continue reading

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Dahlias in October – a last blast of colour

Sometimes as the quality of our northern light cools rapidly into the blue-greys of autumn, bright coloured dahlias can look strangely out of place, but if there’s enough dark green still in the garden their vibrant presence makes a welcome … Continue reading

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It’s dahlia time

Not everybody’s favourite, but dahlias have seen a huge resurgence of interest in the last couple of decades here (in England) since the late Christopher Lloyd grubbed up his rose garden at Great Dixter and planted an exotic garden featuring … Continue reading

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Tennyson and the Chirping Hedge Sparrow

All over the weekend this little hedge sparrow has been returning to serenade itself dancing up and down in front of my french windows. Madly chirping away and fluffing up its feathers until it saw me with my camera. When … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the bulbs

Forcing bulbs sounds like a load of specialist hard work, but for a little midwinter cheer it’s really very easy. Time is the main ingredient. Here is a photo record of some purple crocuses that have been forced. Firstly, ten … Continue reading

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After a Light Evening Shower

A brief autumn shower can often bring out the most beautiful glints in the low light of the October evening sun. I looked up from my desk and just caught the sun lighting my front garden. Obviously, I took the … Continue reading

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Days decrease, And autumn grows, autumn in everything

So few words capture such a melancholic sentiment – I bow to the brilliance of Robert Browning using autumn to deepen the overall sense of forlorn disappointment running through his poem, ‘Andrea del Sarto’. As for us mere mortals we … Continue reading

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Mystery Day – Another Fine Dahlia

Perhaps the 29th August could be named ‘Dahlia Day’ as here in East Anglia the dahlias are blooming their hearts out and the 29th doesn’t quite sound like the end of summer, yet – well, not so much as the … Continue reading

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White Water Lilies

By August the pond water is now warm enough for a succession of flowers from a somewhat shy water lily – not very floriferous my fault not the plants as it isn’t in full sun for long enough each day. … Continue reading

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High Summer Lilies

It has been nearly five years since I first spotted the scarlet lily beetle (Lilioceris lilii) attacking my lily bulbs, but despite their annual attempt to annihilate my plants, I’ve won enough skirmishes this season to achieve a reasonable display … Continue reading

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