Hooray, hooray, hooray

Bearded-irisJust quickly got to comment on the ‘Best in Show’ at Chelsea this year. It has been awarded to the ‘Laurent-Perrier Garden’ designed by Luciano Guibbilei. It is a beautiful garden, I love lupins and foxgloves, but it is his comments to the press that I have really appreciated. He is not a fan of the so-called low-maintenance garden and said,

“This idea of low-maintenance gardens – I’ve no idea who told this to people. It does not exist. The people that want no-maintenance gardens, they should go and play golf. That is what they should be doing.”

Just when and why gardens were supposed to be low-maintenance I have no idea. Most of that type look like supermarket car park plantings to me. I am just over the moon that a leading garden designer has stridently pointed out that gardens are also about gardening. Hooray, hooray, hooray – rant over!

Here’s a flower, bearded iris, from my very much NOT low-maintenance garden.