A trend or a staple?

Agnes-Ashe-silk-scarf-hand-painted-Valeria-pink-2Last month Vogue UK had an update piece on the Spring/Summer 2015 trends commenting on the presence of all kinds of scarves on the catwalks. So I had a quick click around to see what all the fuss was about and to use the Biblical expression ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’. I guess when you think about it a simple square or length of cloth is an elementary item of clothing and can be tied up into all types of apparel.

But as a ‘scarf’ you can wear a long piece draped artfully round the neck.

Or, a small square can be tied niftily to add a splash of colour.

Of course, draped or tied round your head is always an option.

Or, why not arrange it casually like a shawl or even try out the recent trend for belting your scarf across your body!

Naturally, some folks take styling more seriously than others and my mother took my daughter in hand at an early age!

And, finally the best use for a large scarf – wearing it as a sling for baby.


A page out of the Grace Kelly style book

What a pity that the latest film about the life of Grace Kelly starring Nicole Kidman has been resolutely panned by the critics. Being a fan of her ‘sunglasses and scarf’ fashion I had been looking forward to going to see ‘Grace of Monaco’ on the big screen. However, the reviews have been so bad, I’ll wait and catch it on telly. One of the Sunday newspaper film critics said,

“Grace of Monaco is the unintentional comedy of the summer – just don’t go and see it.”

Looking at different photographs of both Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly and the real Princess Grace, I noticed silk squares tied in a conventional manner as a headscarf and, smaller, bandana-sized silk squares simply knotted round the neck.

Following a couple of requests I have just been working on a small collection of ‘bandana’ sized scarves suitable for tying round the neck. I started working with spring colours as I reported in a previous post, and moved on to this brighter, jewel green.


Now finished, steamed, washed, pressed and modelled in my shop.