Highlights of a Decade – Part I

Anybody who knows me in real life knows that I am not big on marking so-called milestone events or celebrating significant dates, birthdays, Christmas, etc, but I am going to make an exception for once.

I am not having a party or anything like that, but I thought I’d just blog a couple of posts remembering some of my favourite scarves to mark my business being in existence for a * * * DECADE * * *.

If anybody had told when I launched ‘Agnes Ashe Silks’ I would still be in business 10 years down the road I would have fallen about laughing.

Back at the beginning I attended a week’s course ‘Starting a business and being self-employed’. One attendee, a helpful chap, told me and I quote “Nobody will fork out 95 quid for a scarf”.

Well, I have sold scarves for £95 and sold others too ranging from £45 to £125.

But back to my favourites. During the process of remembering and choosing my personal standouts I was pleased that I had kept each scarf’s product photo file in my ‘Sold’ folder. It turns out I had completely forgotten some. Perhaps not such standouts after all then, but on re-acquaintance I have been pleasantly surprised and included some of the forgotten.

Of course, much of my work is memorable to me particularly when the original inspiration is associated with specific places or specific works. For example there have been scarves inspired by medieval rood screens (Ranworth and Southwold), painted panels (Lady Drury’s Hawstead Panels) stained glass windows (Long Melford and Bury St Edmunds) and even golden coins (The Wickham Market Hoard at Ipswich Museum).

I have even taken inspiration from 20th century artists. This scarf, below, was inspired by an oil and pigmented wax picture painted by Paul Klee in 1940.

But I mustn’t neglect the floral scarves. There have been quite a few to choose from featuring my go-to motifs for flowers, leaves, curls and bows in various colour combinations using pinks, blues, turquoise, black and old gold.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

11 thoughts on “Highlights of a Decade – Part I”

  1. You are an inspired designer, taking inspiration from an interesting variety of sources. As you know, I’m not a fan of silk, which is a shame as it’s clearly the perfect and responsive medium for you. I wore your masks willingly when wearing masks was de rigueur, and they were undoubtedly the most comfortable I had – and so beautifully packaged – so perhaps I should revise my opinion. Is another ten years in the offing? You do seem to have found your niche, so good luck whatever you decide!

    1. Thanks for such a positive comment, but I doubt I will be keeping my shop running for another 10 years. It’s going to stay open for the time being and I might do some Craft Fairs again once I move. That’s if I ever find somewhere to move to, not looking too hopeful at the moment.

  2. What a wonderful post. I feel your happiness and sense of accomplishment. You’re right that 10 years in business is a big milestone. And I enjoyed the trip back through memories. Having good records helps! Congratulations.

  3. Congratulations on ten years in business and you SHOULD celebrate that. All of your scarves are delightful and unique and make perfect gifts in my opinion. Often people are prepared to spend more on something for someone else, than they are prepared to “splurge” on themselves.
    And when I look in gift and specialty shops, that price range for mass-produced scarves is not uncommon.
    I wonder what business the helpful gentleman was planning for himself, and whether it is still a going concern?

    1. Thank you. You know the other week I attempted to look up said helpful gentleman and couldn’t find any trace of him at all. Maybe he didn’t start his business (customising motorbikes) in the end and got paid employment instead. He had been a Pizza Restaurant manager.

      1. Getting your own business off the ground is a huge undertaking; and is a leap of faith in oneself. That is why I always preferred “working for the man” – I could always look forward to income on the 15th of the month 🙂

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