An Online Pop-Up for Christmas 2022

This coming weekend, the first weekend in December, the folk at Make It British have organised an online Pop-Up event.

Working with the platform ‘Tresstle’, this event will be similar to a virtual market featuring goods made in the UK with many of those products handmade too.

Yes, I shall be showing at this Christmas Virtual Market.

The Pop-Up opens on Friday, 2nd December and closes on Sunday, 4th December 2022. Some of the business ‘stalls’ will have special offers whilst others are offering free postage or a percentage discount.

Message from the organisers at Make It British.

To access the virtual market shoppers need to register (simply enter your email via the link below) to receive further information and the event’s Discount Code.

Here’s the link for the Pop-up details.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

15 thoughts on “An Online Pop-Up for Christmas 2022”

    1. Oh dear I am so sorry to read that, although it doesn’t surprise me. You know probably easier to go to any of the Make It British companies listed in their directory your’e interested in, see if they say they are offering discounts or similar and then stick in the code BRITISHXMAS and see if it works. If they are participating with offers that code should last until 5 pm on Sunday.

      1. Oh dear. Sorry about that. I looked at my shop’s analytics this morning and there were only 16 referrals from the event and needless to say no sales. Apparently, there needs to be 20 to 25 hits from a targeted group such as this to possibly get a single sale. I hope other participants did better, but have a feeling the ‘registering’ business put people off and then if it didn’t work properly!! 🤷🏻‍♀️

      2. I was quite cross on behalf of all of you. It really was a poor show from the organisers. I give up on offering my own feedback, but I presume you will have some. If they want to talk to a dissatisfied would-be customer, I’m quite happy for you to share my contact details.

      3. Yes, well, I have been moaning to my daughter about it and she asked me what I had expected knowing their track record. And, I suppose I hadn’t really thought as I always think this time it’s all going to work. Totally a case of the triumph of hope over experience. Thank you for your offer of feedback, but it’s an odd kind of set-up as really all the business members should report and complain and I wonder maybe the larger concerns didn’t have any issues. I am going to see how the next six months go and then I may or may not renew my membership with them. Thank you again for taking the time to bother with any of it.

  1. Aaagh, I got in such a muddle with everything I tried on the site (not a lot, I’m afraid – it was a busy weekend). But promised links and confirmatory emails never turned up. They really need to get their act together to provide you with a good service.

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