Unseasonably mild and the dahlias love it

The October temperatures have been good for the heating bills and good for the dahlias, but, sadly and worryingly, not good for our future as they are another indication of the changing climate.

I thought at the beginning of this month, as I was cutting a couple of sunflowers and a few dahlias for an arrangement, that this was going to be the last floral hurrah for the backyard, but as you can see it wasn’t. We are nearly at the end of the month and I’ve just cut another full bunch of dahlias. The weather has been so mild that even the dinner plate dahlia ‘Belle of Barmera’ has had long enough to produce another three full, shaggy blooms.

Of course it’s not just the dahlias still blooming. There are some roses that can produce the odd flower up to Christmas, but this gorgeous rose ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ doesn’t usually achieve that in my backyard. Sadly, this single stem of eleven blooms will be the last for this year. And, as I conclude this post I have Yves Montand singing the plaintive ‘Les Feuilles Mortes’ on repeat in the background. It’s that time of year.

Shrub rose ‘Rhapsody in Blue’. (Introduced 2003)

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

10 thoughts on “Unseasonably mild and the dahlias love it”

    1. Thank you. I think it’s the big, shaggy dahlias that make the ’27th’ arrangement look more interesting. They loosen up the more overly regular, tightly shaped varieties.

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