The colours of wine and flowers

You may remember that in recent months I have posted about painting a couple of scarves with a tree-like design. Here’s another silk scarf in this, my ‘Jiann’, series. Reviewing the photos of my working process, I can see I was unconsciously inspired by a bunch of flowers gently fading away in the studio at the time of painting.

This is a mildly surprising revelation as I’d thought I’d pulled this deep and rich palette of burgundy, claret and port wine colours solely from my imagination. Silly me.

Drawn out and beginning to add colour.

The style and design is the same as Jiann Burnt Orange that you can just see in the photo below. It’s the orange textile hanging behind the pot of paint brushes. It was so hung in a prominent place to remind me what I was supposed to be aiming for.

Photo tucked behind on the left shows the first layer finished. Main photo shows the difference with the splodges of orange and red added.

You can sort of see it is the same design, but as is often the way by the time I get to painting the fourth or fifth in a series it’s all becoming bigger and looser and, dare I say it, more splodgy.

Anyway this muted red version is finally finished, steamed and on the shop.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

22 thoughts on “The colours of wine and flowers”

  1. It turns out that our minds (my mind anyway) are empty vessels waiting to be filled with – oh, dying flowers, any old thing. But in your case, translated into a rich and engaging design. Lovely.

      1. Thank you. I’ve just spent a weekend in London with my daughter and my sister and her family. It was uplifting. The weather was good, the food was fine, the theatre was excellent and so was the one exhibition I managed to fit in. It was a big mixing with ‘people’ for me after the two and half years of Covid quiet.
        Hope you and the rollator have been out and about enjoying the autumn and not caught any of the horrid colds doing the rounds.

    1. It does depend on how much free-flowing dyes are used. That is not really controllable, but drawing out should be reproducible. I am just not that careful, patient or consistent, but it’s not exactly important in the scale of things. You know pandemics, wars and the chaos of UK politics!!!! 🙄

      1. Oh I didn’t know that. I think three years isn’t really long enough. I think the French were sensible to reduce their Presidency from seven to five years, but when they’re as useless as our lot at the moment even five years seems too long and right now I’d like your system.

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