Unusual For Me

What is unusual for me? Answer – hot weather equals working with really hot colours. Yes, but that’s not the entire answer.

Photomontage of orange and pink dahlias for colour palette.

How about hot weather means being inspired by the rich colours of the seasonal flowers? Well, yes that’s sort of right again, but not the full answer.

Painting the same scarf design with the same colours twice? Yes, that is the precise answer. And actually, when I think about it is the first time I’ve done just that, although the two scarves have ended up the same(ish), they are different sizes.

In the past I have often painted the same basic design in different colour ways, but repeating the same design and with the same palette is new for me. And, of course, it is now very clear that accurately repeating my work simply isn’t possible.

I guess this unrepeatable quality is why handcrafted work is appreciated more than identical, laser printed copies or even screen-printed pieces.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

14 thoughts on “Unusual For Me”

    1. Both have the same feel and I did initially get the photos muddled up, but they are definitely not the same. Visual discrimination is an amazing human ability when you think about it and not surprisingly fine-tuned to faces so I read.

    1. We notice more when making comparisons don’t we? And as for the colours, I am definitely in an orange phase at the moment having just bought some ‘proper’ orange sneakers. Instantly my favourite footwear.

  1. At each stage I kept switching which one I preferred. The difference in the trunks is what I see first, and then it goes from there. You already knew that each piece was a one-off but now you have definitely proven that to yourself. Both beautiful. And either would be good for me.

    1. I will let you into a secret. I painted a third one just for me and again almost the same, but definitely not. Have just heard on the news that Olivia Newton-John has died. Very sad. True Australian icon and part of so many of our younger lives even for us non-Aussies.

      1. It’s been a sad week for we Aussie songsters, Indigenous singer Archie Roach, Judith Durham of the Seekers, and now ONJ. Of course, you know she was really one of you guys don’t you? Born in Cambridge. Brought to Australia when she was five. But we’ll claim her.
        Enjoy your scarf. I’m proud of you to salvage one for yourself.

      2. Oh yes I saw about Judith Durham too. My daughter was very upset about ONJ (huge fan of Grease like so many Millennials), but too young to know Judith D. although we did like to sing ‘Hey there Georgy Girl’ together. Yes, I did know about ONJ’s Cambridge connection, but her blonde good looks and sunny smile was all Aussie.

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