The Old Cemetery, Ipswich

It’s been a busy family Easter.

Fabulous early morning light.

But there have been early morning opportunities to walk my sister’s dog, Bertie, in the Old Cemetery.

Dandelions in the wilder part of the Old Cemetery.

It was surprising to see some dandelions already turned to fluffy seedheads

End of a morning walk. Just checking to see who’s lagging behind.

As Bertie is a fairly large dog he needs two good walks a day. So, of course, that’s another opportunity to be in the Old Cemetery during the golden hour, but this time in the early evening with more wonderful light.

Getting a pep talk before my evening sprint and workout.

This April the Easter weather has been surprisingly good in Suffolk and not what had been forecast at the beginning of last week. All in all it has been truly pleasurable to have a well-behaved and patient dog in the house.

Can I have an undisturbed rest now thank you?

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

12 thoughts on “The Old Cemetery, Ipswich”

  1. Ah! The pleasures of borrowing a dog. It’s something like being a grandparent. You get all of the delight, none of the pain, and only the bills that are self-imposed.

    1. Yup totally agree. Interestingly, my daughter wasn’t so keen on the required responsibilities (and he is a very well-behaved dog), but she certainly enjoyed all the doggy adoration.

  2. My heart oozes when I see the enjoyment people get from their pets. I’m reduced to watching videos on Facebook, so lovely to see your pooch in such romantic light. I, too, visited my sister over Easter and between family get togethers and organising her home to go on the sales market it was a frantic time. And it didn’t rain! We had mostly the kind of wonderful weather we should have had six weeks back.

    1. So pleased to read that your weather has calmed down and you got chance to do some Easter family visiting. I bet there was plenty of great Easter food too. Is your sister moving nearer to you? There was some talk my sister and her husband might move back from the West Country once he retires next year, but that’s all gone quiet. I guess you’d think nothing of a 270 mile road trip, but I’m not keen on my own and not quite ready to travel on the ‘Covid’ express yet.

      1. No. My sister will stay close to her work, but it is “only” a 90 minute drive away. We had lovely feasts. Good Friday we had Rainbow Trout and Pearl Perch. Easter Sunday we had slow roasted Pork Neck stuffed with brandied prunes and apples. But I did that in my sister’s slow cooker and it turned out closer to pulled pork. Still delicious!

      2. How lovely to cook at your sister’s and slow cooker is fab for pork. I enjoy finding out what people choose to eat on Good Friday and Easter Sunday as it’s not so commercially hyped as Christmas food is it? I did make hot cross buns this year, but nobody arrived by Good Friday and we ended up eating them toasted on Saturday afternoon with a cup of tea instead of cake.

      3. Home cooked buns sound great! We bought ours commercially and they needed toasting by the next day. It was a guilty treat for breakfast each morning, and it wasn’t until the last that I got the browning to precisely my preference 🙂

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