Few flowers, but plenty of birds

Earlier this week it was MOT day. Not a day overflowing with excitement, but instead a day suffused with trepidation. Last year was a spectacular fail (fault with the anti-lock braking system!?) leaving me without a car for two weeks and an eye-watering bill in excess of Β£600. This year it was a bright and clear morning when I left the car at the garage with my fingers crossed. I took the opportunity to spend the ‘waiting’ hour with my camera in the nearby local park to photograph any attractive flowers or birds, and record this flamboyant graffiti.

Tucked away on a boundary wall street art with Climate Crisis theme. Left – change, protect, think, act, planet – and right, shown magnified ‘There is NO planet B’.

Holywells Park is my favourite park in Ipswich and I was hoping to capture some spring flowers, but despite the recent, unseasonable warm weather there was only a few clumps of cheerful daffodils and the big old magnolia in bloom.

However, there were plenty of ducks. There was a rather handsome mandarin duck diving for breakfast.

And, quite a number of mallard ducks. The males being easy to spot with their glistening green heads. (Do you not think this sumptuous shade of green with its satin-like quality is surely so luxurious it might even feature in any future Lulu Lytle revamp of Downing Street? )

Leaving the political sideswipes behind and moving on, I spotted and even managed a couple of shots of the little egret that is now visiting the park’s ponds.

The little egret sometimes known as a white heron.

I was just about to leave, when I noticed the perennial wallflower, erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’, was coming into flower providing timely pollen and nectar for those early-emerging bees. It’s such a cheerful, strong pink for this time of year. And, as it turned out when I left the garage I, too, was cheerful as the old car had passed its MOT.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

14 thoughts on “Few flowers, but plenty of birds”

  1. I had a senior moment (again!) and couldn’t think what MOT day was. I know now, and Hooray for the result, and the positive way in which you employed yourself whilst waiting for deliverance! Lovely photos of Planet A while we still have one.

    1. Yes, I did wonder about using MOT as it’s rather UK-centric. Both my sister and I have frequent senior moments as we chat and often conversations turn into rounds of 20 questions. Sadly, Planet A is taking a hammering and the recent u-turn on Cuadrilla’s fracking sites is shameful.

      1. I am at trying hard to be optimistic and live in hope, but, my goodness, I feel we’ve (UK) have sunk beneath the bottom of the barrel.

  2. The enjoyable hour observing nature must have sent the right vibes to trusty old car to carry you through another year. The colours on both varieties of duck are spectacular. I just deleted some photos of little gem magnolia trees from my phone as they were out of focus. Quite a different variety from the one in your photo, whose blooms are simply amazing.

    1. Magnolias are fantastic and have been around for a very long time with the first flower in fossil record, around 140 million years ago, looking very much like a magnolia! Somehow don’t think homo sapiens are going to manage 140 million years.

  3. What a lovely way to pass the hour with spring flowers and ducks popping out along the way. Those Mandarin Ducks are particularly well dressed. Had to wonder at MOT (couldn’t discover what it stands for, but got the gist from context!) Hurray! Many (too many) years ago I used to have to go through a similar inspection when I lived in California. These days with the Prius, I’m exempt (and Oregon doesn’t require one anyway… though it probably should be a thing.) 😏

    1. Ah, well, MOT stands for Ministry of Transport and over here it’s what we call the annual roadworthy test required by law once your car is three years and older. The old ministry has been called the Department for Transport since 1976, but MOT has stuck and the paperwork still says ‘MOT Test Certificate’. 😁 so now we all know. πŸ˜‰

      1. Chuckles….. over here they call it the department of transportATION!!! Also known as ODOT (the ‘o’ stuck on for “Oregon” depending on which state is involved). And do you suppose we ever will know?

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