There once was a bunch of flowers

Back in September I had a good selection of homegrown flowers that made a large and colourful flower arrangement. You may have seen the arrangement in my Blog post ‘Light or Dark‘. I liked them so much I decided to have a go at painting them. It is some years since I last had my paints out and I’d forgotten how different it is to working with dyes on silk.

It turned out to be an interesting lesson and a reminder to me to look and observe more carefully. Of course, I couldn’t let such an arrangement not feature in my silk work as well. And, it was revealing to see how the essence and not the detail ended up in the silk design.

Drawing out a loose version of the original flower arrangement.

As you might be able to guess this isn’t a full-sized scarf. I thought I would start with a bandana/small square scarf to see if the translation from gouache on paper to dye on cloth was worth pursuing. The jury is out on that at the moment. I have just started drawing out a 90 x 90 cm twill scarf to eventually include the arrangement, but probably as a repeat motif rather than a central ‘picture’.

For the time being this bandana is finished and steamed and on the shop.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

24 thoughts on “There once was a bunch of flowers”

    1. Thanks. Totally couldn’t let those flowers only have one lease of life. Although, all the ‘art’ re-interpretation in the world doesn’t really better nature’s efforts.

    1. Thank you. I am definitely in a full-on flower phase for the time being. It’s mostly as I haven’t been able to travel out of town since the Pandemic and then my father’s poor health. But, it’s hard not to appreciate flowers and find inspiration in their forms and colours.

    1. Thank you. Have to say my painting skills are extremely rusty, but the whole process was a useful exercise. My style and my patience has greatly changed over the decades.

  1. It’s so interesting how the final steamed and packaged article looks different even from the “finished” article. And your artwork is superb. I was interested to see the bowl of peaches feature. What was the symbolism of peaches in art? It’s slipped my mind.

    1. Ah yes, the steaming process does make the colours brighter and/or more intense depending on the type of silk used and to some extent a particular dye colour. And, peaches, well in Christian iconography you could have salvation, from Western antiquity a peach with a leaf would be truth, but I prefer the peach motif in Chinese ceramics which in some uses represents the coming of spring. And, absolutely none of that crossed my mind when I grabbed the bowl of peaches on my kitchen table to ‘balance’ the original photograph I took for the painting! 😉

      1. You know the choice was subliminal 🙂 I went back to the the recent blog post of my friend AZ Pictures where she says one art historian claims peaches are a symbol of extramarital relations. Guess it’s not that one.

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