One for me and one for the shop

About once a year I paint an experimental, trial scarf for myself, then tweak the design and when I’m satisfied paint a very similar more refined version for the shop.

The prototype for my new small scarf series.

Not long ago I reviewed my stock and assessed the different colours available. I realised recently I have been mostly working with blues, turquoise and pinks. On my shop there’s also scarves in pink and green, soft green and gold, but no strong green.

Last time I did this ‘one for me (prototype) and one for the shop’ I was working with strong, vivid reds. This time I thought I would use the same approach to work with some zestful, bright greens.

My prototype left and ‘Evy Apple’ now on my shop. I think the shop version works better with the darker areas of Prussian blue adding contrast and depth.

Of course, sometimes there’s a fashion for a certain colour and I notice green has become popular of late. Now, this bright green is quite a change for me and for a first experiment it was always going to be working with my smallest scarf size.

Painting the first bright green ‘prototype’ scarf.

Also this small ‘neckerchief’ size is a personal favourite as it can be worn to add a small accent splash of colour, especially when it is such a zingy colour.

And one for the shop – painting the second bright green small silk scarf.
Two bright green scarves.

Finally, both green scarves were finished and steamed and now one is on the shop and I am wearing the ‘trial’ one as I type this post!

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

10 thoughts on “One for me and one for the shop”

    1. Thank you. This is a lovely green and it is one of those colours that changes significantly in sunlight becoming more rich. I think it is the yellow component in the dye.

  1. I really like these. The color is strong and so fresh. And I agree, the dark blue gives the contrast that makes the green even more intense. I like this direction a lot.

    1. Thank you. Yes, this direction is interesting and definitely a new one for me. I use a fair amount of bright blue, but for some reason hadn’t risked the bright green before although one wall in my office is painted a very strong green!

    1. I have just been looking down my Pinterest feed. I mostly follow fashion and scarves to keep up with what’s going on and I see several of the big Paris fashion houses have some bright green going on.

    1. I am a fan of this zing too, although I don’t think I could carry off a whole assemble. However, I will let you into a little secret I do have some Cat boots (not steelies) pretty much this green!

      1. Not these days, and also so unobservant that I failed to notice a sneaky autocorrect of my sloppy typing of ensemble to assemble in my last reply to you. 🙄

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