Snow in Town . . . Less Than Picturesque

The last time the Beast from the East visited Suffolk was back in late February 2018. I remember it clearly as I live on a hill, on a residential street that never sees the gritters. Vexingly, early on the morning of the initial heavy snow I was one of the first residents who had to drive down the treacherous road on my way to a 7.45 am appointment for an MRI scan at the hospital. I had been grateful that I was parked facing down the hill. It was an unpleasant and tricky few minutes behind the wheel.

This time the Beast from the East has turned up courtesy of Storm Darcy. It arrived as I walked down early on Sunday morning to pop in to see my father and drop off his Sunday newspaper. The arrival of a snowstorm and the subsequent whitening of the town does unite the disparate untidiness of the urban view, but it could hardly be called picturesque.

Just beginning to snow.
St Clement’s Church, Star Lane, Ipswich.
Walking down Grimwade Street to the Waterfront.
Turning into Neptune Quay, Ipswich Waterfront.
That’s not fog in the distance, but snow.
View from my father’s flat as the snow sweeps in.

By the time I had walked back home my backyard was covered. I don’t consider it looks particularly picturesque either, and by Tuesday it simply looked comical.

My backyard Sunday morning left, Monday morning right and ‘peak snow’ by the end of Tuesday, beneath.

It’s now Thursday afternoon and still the temperature hasn’t risen above freezing today even though it’s sunshine and blue skies, but at least it isn’t as cold as Braemar’s -23 Centigrade!!!!

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

17 thoughts on “Snow in Town . . . Less Than Picturesque”

  1. Ah, but Agnes, you’re clever enough to pick your shots to tell your story. Unsurprising that this was your story after the early morning you had. But if you’d been in a different frame of mind ….

      1. I have to have a fancy lens for my product pictures. It has made all the difference. When I look back at my first scarf pics from seven years ago I cringe.

    1. Yes, it is quite odd to get so much snow in Ipswich where we are on the River Orwell, and you’d also think it would melt more in the build up areas. Mind you it has been unusually cold for the south of the UK hasn’t it?

    1. Yes, my daughter sent me pics of Finsbury Park and it didn’t look anything like the London parks in the 1990/91 winter. I remember stomping through snow up to the top of my wellies in Battersea Park. Very sensible of you to stay in, the pavements have been treacherous and my daughter has been wearing her B3 mountaineering boots but not the crampons!!!

  2. I sympathize. We have had about 14 inches in the last week though some has melted. I believe I am past the stages of life where I get excited over snow. Spring is coming. I enjoyed seeing the different stages of your walk and the incoming snow. I imagined a gray and white scarf design with accents of red brick!

    1. How did you guess? I am currently working on a rusty red piece. And, as I walked down I was actually wearing a red and purple scarf to brighten the rest of my layers and layers of dark, gloomy clothing.

      And, yes I am with you about snow. Pretty for a couple hours and then no thanks. Of course your part of the world is much better organised for its arrival, over here we slowing grind to a halt. Just as well it doesn’t hang around for too long.

  3. Sending you lots of best wishes as you grind along through snow on top of lockdown. I haven’t been blogging or commenting much as I am supposed to be working on my blessed manuscript. I’m not getting much done each day. I suppose this groundhog existence is sapping us all. Anyway, the photos I’ve seen of your recent scarves and masks uphold your ongoing talent! (and I loved seeing the ark juxtaposed with the naval ship in the photo from your father’s flat).

    1. Oh yes, I know all about this groundhog thing, my productivity has definitely been affected and my mood too. Assessing my recent work it looks as if everything is taking me twice as long. So irritating. I do hope you are getting somewhere with the manuscript. Blogging and commenting is a secondary activity isn’t it and is frequently more time consuming than expected. All the best with the editing. Agnes
      PS – no need to reply. 😊

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