A Romantic Time of Year?

It is hard to believe or maybe not, but it is about a year since all this Covid business began plaguing our lives. I am still amazed that during February last year I visited my daughter in London who had just returned from the French Alps! We travelled around on the buses and Tube, and then spent nearly three hours sat amongst a tightly packed, full-house to see Cyrano de Bergerac in a traditionally ‘cosy’ West End theatre. I am going hot and cold just writing about it.

A year on, another February and another Valentine’s Day, but this time it will be a first. It will be the first Valentine’s Day in the middle of a lockdown. Over 10 million folk in the UK have already been jabbed with one kind of vaccine or another and some lucky people have even had the two required doses. Even so, it won’t be a Valentine’s Day of restaurant visits or theatre treats. And, despite my father being fully vaccinated, there will be no birthday trips (he’s a Valentine’s baby) to the opera or even up the road for a concert at Snape Maltings. All closed.

The marshes and reed beds backing onto Snape Maltings.

As an alternative to those standard treats, I expect some people will turn to the Internet looking for a special gift. I have read in the British press and heard on the radio and television that the pandemic has accelerated the decline of many High Street stores as more and more of us have become familiar and comfortable shopping online. What is bad news for some is inevitable good news for others and I have definitely benefited with more visits and sales from my online business.

In fact this week I have just sent one of my scarves to Canada. I think receiving the gift of a silk scarf is a romantic gesture, but I am not sure how I’d feel about being given a silk face mask for Valentine’s though! Is that a maybe or a definite no? I am not sure.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

16 thoughts on “A Romantic Time of Year?”

  1. Great scarves. I feel like you I had a big family birthday party on March 8th in a London restaurant. Family came from all over, weren’t we lucky to get away with it!

  2. Oh, I’d happily receive one of your face masks as a gift! Someone who loves me enough to want to protect others from my possible noxiousness while having some protection myself? What’s not to like?

    1. Oh that’s a great way of seeing it. Positive and caring as opposed to purely functional. I really must work on my lockdown attitude – too much time spent in my own world.

  3. You sum the year up Agnes, some win, some lose and everyone has had to accept change. The Australian Open tennis is about to begin here in Melbourne and a security guard at the players hotel has tested positive. People are edgy and no-one is talking about Valentine unfortunately.

    1. Yes, it’s been all over the sports pages here in the UK and I guess the Tokyo Olympics people are keeping a close watch on how it’s all being handled as well. All very worrying for Victorians. It would be awful if it gets out into the wider community again. Keep safe.

    1. That’s a positive and kind way of looking at the life we’re leading at present. I do know that a few of my sales, especially leading up to Christmas, were people buying masks for gifts. You’ve made me pause and think, it is a version of sharing the love isn’t it.

    1. 😊 thank you. As this is the first time I’ve done the code thing my daughter insisted on testing it out to see it all worked correctly. I knew it was probably her as I could see on my analytics that somebody in London had something in their basket. I messaged her and she said yes just checking. 🙄 From that you can probably guess I am a multimillion pounds business.😉

      1. Mmm there isn’t anything imminent although I have just finished a long ‘vine scroll’ design as yet not steamed. I don’t have enough larger pieces ready to run my big steamer at the moment. My next scarf will be a 90 x 90, I do have a design idea, but not a colour combination as yet. I await my or any muse!!

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