Winter Walk in the Park

Last Saturday, we had blue skies with winter sun in Ipswich from dawn to dusk and despite the temperatures hovering all day around freezing, plenty of people visited the local parks for their permitted exercise. I was walking through the park as the sun began to set and stepped away from the busy paths to stand for 10 minutes to capture the sun doing down.

You can see there were both family groups and joggers making circuits of the pond,

My favourite photo from Saturday. All taken on my phone as only space for food shopping and not camera in my rucksack.

and also plenty of dog walkers too, but everyone began to rapidly vacate the park as the sun sank beneath the horizon. Nobody wants to be locked in by mistake in these freezing temperatures.

The sun almost behind the buildings on the horizon and time for me to leave.

When I got home and scrolled through the pictures I liked the ‘through the big old trees’ shot so much I am now using it for the background on my phone. Even though it’s a winter scene and the trees are dark and towering, there is a warming glow (much more noticeable on my phone than it appears here) which I find genuinely uplifting each time I open the phone. For me this is an example of the usually insignificant aspects of daily life that have become those brief pleasures helping many of us get through these grim days.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

11 thoughts on “Winter Walk in the Park”

  1. Oh yes, I can see why this photo has a place on your phone. These are such lovely, uplifting shots – and all from somewhere as familiar to you as your local park.

  2. Wonderful, atmospheric pictures, but I can understand why you wouldn’t want to be locked in! I have noticed recently that uploading my picture to WordPress often alters the colour, slightly, but for the worse.

    1. Thank you. And, yes I know what you mean. I was comparing the photo on my computer screen with the same pic on my phone and it was noticeable. I couldn’t make up mind though whether that was perhaps the quality of my computer screen. Actually, now you mention it I am not sure how much is going on under the surface of WordPress, but it wouldn’t surprise if there is some kind of data compression occurring.

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