Returning to Scarf Painting

After several months of working at a smaller scale painting patterns for silk masks, I have recently returned to painting scarves.

This change in scale is more tricky than it appears. I experienced and learnt that when I first started painting the smaller pieces for masks. With a move back to larger work I didn’t want to misjudge the gear shift whilst painting a full 90 x 90 cm square, so I have returned by first painting neckerchiefs.

Pinning out the 55 x 55 cm squares and loosely laying down the first outlines became a poignant experience as I reflected on the intervening seven months since I last worked on any scarves. I then reached for the darkest, dark blue I have and painted in the background.

2020 really has turned out to be a ghastly, ghastly year.

And, finally now, the 31st December, we can say goodbye and good riddance to it.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

28 thoughts on “Returning to Scarf Painting”

    1. That’s such a positive reply thank you. After Johnson’s performance last night I am hunting around for the positive. Weather not helping either. It can’t decide whether to rain or snow here. Hope you’re both well and able to get out for the odd embracing walk.

      1. We are thanks. I didn’t watch. I preferred to read all about it rather than witness him blustering about. You get out there too with that Virtual Dog.

      2. I think you’re right. I am not watching anymore. Can’t stand it. He doesn’t even to it well. I think I will listen on Sounds and mute until the medical/science bods make their presentations. Sometimes it is only during the Q&A you actually find out anything new.

        My Virtual Dog is probably Lucy from somewhere near Scarborough, particularly when she’s allowed off the lead to run and run on the beach.

    1. Thank you. And wishing you all the best for 2021 too. It looks like it is going to be a long haul to better times. Keeping up creative activities I think always helps. All the best.

    1. Thanks Claudia. I think I am bit like you and switch around between different work. My sewing machine is permanently out in the studio space at the moment even when I am working on a scarf on a frame. I still have painted mask pieces I can sew up as when I sell stock already on my shop.

      1. I think changing things around keeps all the work fresh, and the same for a brain! I rmember in my art show days, there was a man who painted only apples. Very large paintings, nice, colorful, BIG apples ( he did do green and red versions). As you know you tend to see the same people over and over if you follow a show circuit and for at least a decade I was in events with him 2-3 times a year. Eventually he also did tulips. White ones. OMG. I think of him when I sometimes wonder if I hop around too much in media, and then I say No!. Keep hopping!

      2. Me too. I have been going over my huge collection of my art images (right now working on paintings) and even in that one category it looks like eight people were inside my head trying to paint, sometimes all at once, I think.

    1. Thank you. We’re back in a full lockdown here today and the winter weather is horrible, neither rain nor snow. I love working with those rich blues, but somehow I feel like I should be working with bright, golden yellows this morning. All the best and stay safe.

  1. You may have been in a “blue” mood when you started this piece, but the result is brilliant. I love it. Hope you had a happy NYE despite all. Ours was quiet, spent with neighbours on their balcony. Didn’t quite make midnight – and haven’t yet watched the Sydney fireworks. (I do feel they have had their time. There is so much you can do with light shows now).

    1. You might have heard that England is now in Lockdown 3. News here all pretty grim as you might expect. As I type I am waiting to see if my father will be getting his second jab on Thursday or not??? I am unclear as to what kind of news you are getting about us in Australia, but, honestly, words utterly fail me as to the chaos this government has overseen here. They did say that Johnson didn’t ‘do’ detail, but he’s not even a passable communicator. Do hope your authorities maintain strict quarantine restrictions and keep the new variant at bay. All the best to you and Bill for 2021.

      1. We definitely get the highlights and can empathize with how awful it is for you. Also I spoke to my friend in Thanet a couple of days ago, and have her first hand account. As she says, it’s easier here as we are not as crowded, although that comment doesn’t take into account that the majority of our population is in Melbourne and Sydney. But it is easier for our state governments to close their borders, regardless what the federal government prefers. The trip we made to Canberra at the beginning of December would not be possible now.

      2. Yes, I have admired the way your states have just taken control of their borders. The London Met Police have today issued a statement that they are going to start fining people for not complying with the law – finally. And, that’s with news 1 in 30 Londoners are currently infected. I simply do not understand the libertarian view of refusing to wear a mask.

      3. Wow! We have had fines for ages. Not that many people are actually paying them, I suspect. And we have some zany libertarians, fed by conspiracy theories and random social media posts that suit their agenda. But on the whole, we “get” it. One of our outbreaks stems from a visit to an alcohol store that only lasted fifteen minutes. If both the shop attendant and customer had been wearing masks, transmission may have been avoided.

      4. It would appear the countries with a tiny minority yet significantly noisy flank of libertarians, are not dealing with this pandemic as well as others. We have a few libertarian types here and the BBC ‘balance’ allows them a platform as though they represent 50% of the population.

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