It was the night before the Covid Christmas

Twenty-twenty, what can you say? Goodbye and good riddance I suggest.

On the topic of watershed years I have found some photos from the last century when all we were concerned about was the possibility of the Y2K bug wiping out technology as we knew it.

A worried angel circa 1997

First I dug out a couple of grainy prints of one of my daughter’s contributions to school nativities. Then to my surprise I found another Christmas photo from a now forgotten Boxing Day trip to an Old Time Music Hall evening in Norwich. The event organisers had suggested the audience might like to attend in ‘Good Old Days’ attire. We had a go donning long skirts and velvet chokers. I seem to remember we were in the noticeable minority.

‘Say cheese’! My late mother, daughter et moi.

On that note and with smiles all round, I’d like to wish everybody the Season’s Greetings and a very, very Healthy New Year.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

22 thoughts on “It was the night before the Covid Christmas”

    1. Yes, we are now Tier Four and folk round here are very, very worried. It is all very draining.
      I guess you’ve had snow. Hope you captured some wintry scenes.

    1. Thanks. Hope you had a reasonable Christmas all things considered. It is quite ghastly here at the moment. Do hope that Australia keeps the new variants from getting a hold.

      1. I had a lovely family day with ten of us, which was within permitted limits. But as the weather was occasional showers we ate indoors. We had also planned to go further north to visit the grandchildren, but cancelled that plan.
        We’ve been seeing your news. Ghastly indeed. I worry for my “almost family” in Tier 4 in the Thanet area of Kent.

      2. So great to have a gathering of 10, lucky you. But bad news for the Thanet folk, Kent is having a very tough time, but we just have to stay inside and keep away from other humans at the moment. Essex, sandwiched between Kent and us in Suffolk, has today declared a major incident with a request for army to help with additional hospital capacity. It really is not good in UK, even government spokesmen have commented that the virus with this new variant is out of control. Grim stuff. Do hope you keep the UK version of the new variant out of Australia.

      3. To the best of my knowledge, we only have the UK variant in hotel quarantine from two returning passengers. But the bad news is that we finally do have two cases right here in Wollongong. Our NYE in restaurant has been cancelled and we are lying low. The news from UK is terrifying. I am thinking of you.

      4. Thank you. It is difficult times and there’s now confusion with the vaccination programme. We have a truly useless government. Hope you enjoyed a quiet New Year. I see Sydney still put on a fine firework display. Let’s hope 2021 turns out to be a good year.

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