V-Day – 2020

The first person I know to get the Covid vaccine has been my father. I took him to the GP’s surgery this afternoon and the whole process ran very smoothly. All the staff and nurses were pleasant and kind. The ‘Covid Vaccine Clinic’ was well organised especially considering the need to keep the elderly folk, many with walking sticks or wheelchairs, the appropriate two metres apart. And, of course, it was masks for everybody.

After the nurse ran through the usual health questions with my father I asked her how many people they’d vaccinated so far. She said they had been allocated a batch of 900 doses and had already vaccinated over 600 elderly Ipswich residents this week.

Reading the Covid Vaccination leaflet.

As you probably have already heard in the news everybody has to sit and wait for a further 15 minutes after the jab. This is a precaution in case of an adverse allergic reaction. It soon became obvious that waiting for 15 minutes was more bothersome for some people than the actually jab, but helpfully they were all given a Covid Vaccination information leaflet to help pass the time.

“Can I go yet?”

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19 thoughts on “V-Day – 2020”

    1. I didn’t mention, but they have to ask a set of questions too – Are you on any of the government Covid trials, have you had the flu vac in the last 7 days, do you have any known allergies and do you carry an EpiPen? Hope you get your jab soon, take care, Agnes.

  1. So exciting! It is like a dream come true. One we never really believed could happen. Thank you for relaying to us this personal experience. Merry Christmas and many Happy New Years.

    1. Thank you, and you and yours too.
      Yes, it is almost unbelievable until you see the little vial with your own eyes. My father was very relieved. I have been to see him today and so far, so good all well. I guess the rest of us will be waiting until spring, but the end is in sight! Phew.

    1. Oh dear since you commented UK now dealing with new Covid variant and border closures, so I hear that the army is on standby to fly vaccine from Belgium – it’s fingers crossed all round. Good luck for you too. Keep safe.

    1. Thanks Denis, we are all relieved, but as you’ve probably seen on the news it’s all gone a bit chaotic here. My daughter in Tier 4 London for Christmas and now borders closing. I think it’s going to be local grown cabbage and spuds for Christmas! Better for the environment if nothing else. Keep safe, Agnes.

      1. The Irish ate worse than spuds and cabbage, you will be OK. Are there any wild rabbits around? WE hear about the new strain down South of London, but they are always tring to upstage down there! Over here Sydney is trying to outdo Melbourne with their own little second wave, again in the exclusive bit of that town. You must be getting closer to your vaccine dose, stay safe and creative Agnes. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks I think the NHS is just about withstanding the onslaught, but as you’ve probably seen there’s a more infectious variant now sweeping across parts of the country. I think Canada has had the right idea to cancel flights from UK. My father is relieved, but still worried about everybody else. Keep safe and wishing you a calm Christmas, Agnes.

      1. Yes we’re still waiting for the vaccine roll out in Canada so we need to hunker down a bit longer. How sweet of your father and wishing for a kinder, gentler 2021.

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