A Media Storm: the Covid Christmas

Shall I just begin with saying that I find it disappointing to be writing about Christmas Day in November, but this year the issue of the ‘Corona Christmas’ is all over the media. You can’t switch on the news, pick up a paper or scroll down your social media feed without being bombarded with headlines and commentary on what could be the situation come the 25th December and what rules may be in place. There is plenty of speculation, but mostly it looks like it’s going to be a numbers waiting game for the government before plans are announced.

Whatever the authorities decide the Covid vaccination programme will not be up and running to any significant extent for us ordinary folk. Individually it will come down to how risk averse people feel about spending hours indoors with relatives and friends. Of course there are alternative possibilities, you could meet up for a festive walk somewhere beautiful or failing that reach for your screens for a zoom Christmas catch-up or even postpone the whole Christmassy thing until February, March, April . . . . or even Christmas 2021.

Our annual Christmas Day walk 2014 – sadly none of those gorgeous dogs were mine.

Regardless of our personal choices at least here in Ipswich the usual Town Centre and Waterfront Christmas trees have been installed. On my way home last night after checking in the weekly supermarket order for my father, I noticed the Waterfront Christmas tree was lit and twinkling.

This contemporary Christmas tree changes as the baubles cycle through a sequence of colours.

There was a slightly strange moment when the colours changed through the blues to turquoise, on to the pinks and then the top bauble beneath the star turned red and, to me anyway, it had an eerie resemblance to models of a certain virus!

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

12 thoughts on “A Media Storm: the Covid Christmas”

  1. I’m always Christmas-averse in November anyway, but even more so this year. It’s going to be a bit of a non-event I think, but rather that then spending the New Yea incubating the virus. Your orders must be beginning to kick in now: you can’t afford to be Christmas-averse in November!

    1. Ah, truth be told I am simply Christmas-averse full stop. All a bit tricky when I know that people buy my work as Christmas gifts. I have to compartmentalise and end up by the New Year with a split personality!

    1. Yes, I agree with you totally. I know it is logical that families will try and sort something out for the day (hopefully sensibly), but I heard on the radio some people wanted to arrange a type of Christmas office party!

  2. Haha, I see your point about the coloured Christmas tree. Whoever designed it did not see that coming! I’m back working on yet another version of my manuscript – working hand in hand with an editor now – and oddly enough, yesterday’s writing circled around Christmas . . . 1894!

    1. Well, that’s some positive news. I expect it has been good to get intellectually busy again. All this Covid stuff has certainly dampened so many aspects of living hasn’t it? Good luck with the editing, I hope they are sympatico.

  3. Beautiful photos Agnes. Strangely here in hot summer affected Australia much of the imigary of Christmas is capturing a European Northern Winter. We are so lucky to currently be preparing to celebrate a much closer to normal Christmas than much of the rest of the planet. And that will include the heat.

    1. My view of Christmas isn’t too positive at the best of times. Each year I research visiting some place where they don’t ‘do’ Christmas and, of course, this year there is absolutely no chance of that. I have always rather envied Australia as it is possible not to attempt the Dickensian version and just enjoy the summer weather. Hope it isn’t too hot for you this December.

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