Cultural Norms

Who would have thought a year ago we’d walk down our local High Street and into any shop to find customers and staff alike wearing face masks, and, not find that strange. It appears that for the time being this state of affairs is going to be the norm. Whichever ‘tier’ you find yourself living in, there is going to be the requirement to wear a mask sometime, somewhere, at some point.

Since May there have been articles in the press about masks becoming fashionable and one early adopter of the ‘colourful’ mask has been the American politician and House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. However, putting aside the medical and the ultra cheap disposable options, have you noticed, more often than not, chaps where plain masks and most commonly, black ones, especially in public life. Or, is this just a phenomenon of those we see in the spotlight? Does anyone know?

Travelling on the Tube a face covering is mandatory.

Now, I am not sure about you, but I find there is something slightly menacing about black face masks. They bring to mind highwaymen or special forces and it’s already bad enough simply not being able to see faces fully. In these gloomy times wouldn’t it be more interesting and more fun and, just more cheerful if guys wore coloured ones. There is so much choice out there; every type of fabric, every colour, every type of pattern. There’s bees or trees or animal prints and ones with text, or symbols or musical notes or just plain colour. If it has been a cultural norm for men to wear coloured ties what’s the problem with a coloured mask?

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

9 thoughts on “Cultural Norms”

  1. I agree. To be fair though, I see many men in colourful masks, and many women in sober masks. And two lucky women round here in silk masks made by the writer of this blog 😉

    1. 😁 Thank you. Now that’s very interesting about your observations – I haven’t seen a single chap in the Ipswich area in a colourful mask except for my father who asked me early on for a plain, bright green, but has recently started wearing the black reverse. I have wondered if this is him conforming or due to the general downturn in mood with all the relentless bad news. Regardless, I am wearing a very bright one!!

      1. I am trying out candidates. So far the ones with nose wires seem to work best. I also have a buff (gaiter) collection I use for exercise and those work great but they don’t stay up that well. The search continues…

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