Changing Times

From this Saturday, 4th July 2020, in the UK it’s all change or not! As I write this I have the radio on in the background and I keep hearing ‘chaos’, ‘mess’ and ‘confusion’ from various commentators. There are members of the general public calling-in with questions about all the measures needed to ensure safety for ‘Independence Day’ as the tabloids are dubbing it. No doubt Cummings and Johnson are quietly satisfied this cynically selected date is being trumpeted in this predictable manner. Hospitality and travel will be joining retail instigating up to the minute protocols for the new normal. This will include new hygiene routines and maintaining people are physically distancing. Good luck everybody.

Looking at the retail sector specifically and the recent economic data reported in the press the lockdown has had an immense effect on the this sector. The high street had already been struggling in recent years and now as the lockdown lifts more and more shops are finding they are longer viable. Perhaps many shoppers are now less willing to brave the high street stores for non essentials as at the same time more consumers are now accustomed to buying online. However, once you are shopping online you soon find there is an almost overwhelming choice.

My listing amongst other UK makers and manufacturers on the Make It British Directory

Personally, when I am shopping online I like to minimise the ‘product miles’ due to environmental concerns and for that reason prefer to order from the UK. The ‘Make It British’ people have made it easier with their vetted platform listing UK makers and manufacturers. Last month, with my business hat on, I decided to apply to the directory as a maker as well as already being a shopper.

And last weekend, I was delighted when they featured my silk masks in their ‘Top 21 British-Made Face Coverings’ promotion.

My painted silk face covering is the bottom left picture, but I am sure you knew that!

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

17 thoughts on “Changing Times”

    1. Well, thank you, but although I have just painted and steamed enough silk for another 10 masks, I’ve still got to make them. Whoops!!! 🙄

      1. Thank you for the positive feedback and recommendation to Claudia. I don’t know about you, but I have found people are finding me or me and my rather bright mask amusing. I think colourful masks look less unnerving than the plain, disposable ones and definitely less threatening than those black versions.

      2. Thank you, I love their look, but the shipping costs (I am in the US) are the thing. If I were in the UK I’d grab one, yes. Thanks for your reccomendation. I’m figuring if I have to wear a mask, I want it to look nice (I have the feeling the next thing is going to be, match my outfit)

    1. Thank you – that’s my daughter wearing an early prototype. I made it for her so she could travel on the Tube. Credit to her boyfriend for taking a good photo that I could use.

  1. Well done Agnes, what an accolade! I’ll remember and use in due course ‘Make it British’, although buying anything much is quite low down on my priorities just now.

    1. Thanks again. Yes, they’ve got quite a list of businesses on Make It British these days, but like you, I’m not buying much only really essentials.

  2. Whoo hoo. Let’s hope you get just the right amount of orders. Over here, it is still not mandatory, but you may have heard Victoria is having a surge in cases – so watch this space! (Although the border between NSW and Vic has just closed).

    1. Oh dear, yes I just heard on the news that Melbourne has gone into a full lockdown. Think humanity is in for the long haul on this one. Regarding my masks they are not quick to make, but they sell quickly once I put them up. It is all a bit odd making and selling something like this, but they are washable and so aren’t adding to all the heaps of disposable ones. Strange times indeed.

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