Adding a little purple

Last month was a busy time preparing and attending the Christmas Craft Fair at Blackthorpe Barn. I always do a run through setting up my display at home, and, as you would expect when getting ready for the show, I prepare my stock. This is a task I have hopefully started by mid-October. During the process I am able to appraise each piece and, as is always the way when I haven’t seen my scarves for a while, I decide one or two could be improved. The first one up for the layering treatment last month was Agatha Cherry.

Agatha Cherry – not a favourite of mine and one for the layer treatment.

Apart from the fact that this scarf, with all the red, has been difficult to photograph accurately, I didn’t think there was enough contrast and depth within the design.

Lines of resist were added first before painting in the new colours.

Adding another layer allowed me to introduce some of the darker colours I like. I took inspiration from this photograph showing the muted tones of my dried dahlias.

As soon as the resist lines had dried I began to paint with a mid-tone old gold and then to darken other areas I added a deep, rich purple.

With the second layer completed and the scarf steamed the final result definitely has more depth and interest and it has made the rich lustrous quality of the twill weave more obvious. A definite improvement I think.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

19 thoughts on “Adding a little purple”

      1. They really are beautiful, and I can see that silk is the fabric to show it off to advantage. I just don’t like the feel of it against my skin.

      2. I have painted on 100% wool and it does take the dye very well, but because even the finest weave of wool still has a slightly textured/uneven surface the colour isn’t quite so vibrant. Sadly, I am now allergic to wool and my skin erupts into an angry rash.

      1. I think your goal of eliminating the red led to a really nice colorway now, and I guess if there had been no red to start with, you would not have gone this way.

      1. mmmmm, been many years since I “lived” through English winters (without a coat), so probably I’m not the best judge. Bill and I musing about going to England for Christmas next year.

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