A few outtakes

Four or five times a year I prepare my latest work and head out into the Suffolk countryside for a photoshoot. You may remember in August I did just that making the most of the early morning light down by the River Orwell .

An interesting view of a misty morning on the River Orwell.

I usually take 250 to 300 photographs during the course of a shoot.

Swimming dog in the shallows equals a wet dog.

Now, not all pictures are attempts at capturing the essential ‘best’ photograph of model and scarf, some are simply capturing a moment.

Watching the dog chasing his stick into the river again.
Wet dog now investigating who and what has turned up on the riverbank – us!.

Putting all the doggy fun aside, it’s not possible for me to know before I get back to my office if I have got the shots I actually need. Unlike professional photographers I don’t have a laptop with me on location to check pictures as the shoot progresses. And, looking on the tiny camera screen only gives a very vague indication as to the quality of any image.

A white shirt in full sun makes for an over-exposed feel and shut eyes in the full glare.

Obviously, poorly framed, extremely over and under-exposed and grossly out of focus images can be immediately deleted, but it’s not possible to tell if any shot is pin sharp until I see it on my computer screen.

Apart from somebody being distracted again by the wet dog this time returning and running straight back towards our gear including a snack-filled backpack, it turns out the scarf in this photo is not in focus.

Finally, here’s a reasonable photo. However, it didn’t look like it on my camera screen, but thankfully it wasn’t deleted at first glance, made the cut and will probably be used on my shop at some point.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

9 thoughts on “A few outtakes”

    1. Oh how I wish the dog was mine, but sadly not. I am in process of trying to find a suitable rescue dog, but my requirements are pretty tight. I can’t have a dog that sheds as my father suffers from asthma and dog hairs will trigger an attack. Additionally, I have to be able to easily pick up any dog as my father lives in a block that doesn’t allow pets. It is turning out to be more difficult than I had expected.

  1. The perfect dog for you Agnes is the Lhasa Apsos. It ticks all your boxes including the allergy and tuck under your arm ones. Wikipedia has a great breakdown for you. We meet one on our walks here and it is a great little dog.
    The other dog is the Afghan Hound of course , ticks all your boxes except the carry one. Now if you were to have an Afghan companion dog then it could walk up the stairs.

    1. Thank you very much for your advice. I would love an Afghan Hound, but the ‘picking up’ isn’t due to the stairs, although my father lives on the sixth floor, it is so that the managing agents can’t complain about a dog walking through the building. My daughter is very keen on the Lhasa Apso idea, but there’s been a lot of puppy farm horror problems here in UK and sadly, the little Apsos available for rescue are so nervous they often require to be in a home with another dog. I suppose finding a reputable breeder would be the answer, but at the moment my father and I are holding out for the right rescue.

      1. Good luck, it is sad to hear the rescue ones are nervy, they are usually brave little dogs. It sounds like the managing agents need to lighten up a bit and relax. I always love a challenge with people having attitudes like that.

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