Layering some Summer Colour

Now I am a fan of the colour green. In one way or another it has been a colour I have used in painting different rooms since my first house back in 1996. Of course, there are greens and greens. I remember the first time I used green it was a bright apple green and in a south-facing room it definitely had a hint of lime about it. At the same time I was painting the walls the plumber was installing the central heating and he could barely conceal his revulsion!

Back on the frame adding new gutta lines and shapes.

It appears that lime green is not a popular colour in our northern light and as we have so few days of summer sun when it looks really good, I reappraised the one lime green scarf on my shop and decided to give it the layer treatment.

Painting another layer filling the new shapes with pink, orange and pale turquoise.

Now, regular perusers of my blog will know that amongst the tools in my ‘creative process’ box layering is a technique I use to change my work and give it more depth.

I did like the flat pattern of the original, but I can see that the very nature of the flatness made the lime green less appealing especially in the photographs.

Over-painted, steamed again to fix the work and newly photographed and now uploaded to my online shop. I think it is definitely a more interesting piece.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

14 thoughts on “Layering some Summer Colour”

  1. Yes. I love lime green (in our last house our bedroom was painted that color and it looked great. We moved here, used the same color, and it was atrocious. New color followed soon). I like the revised version better, though. It is much richer and has more presence.

    1. Thanks. Yes, colour is most definitely site specific, various factors for interiors – size of room, size of windows, but definitely quality of daylight pouring through those windows.

  2. I’ve never decorated with it, but I am partial to lime green and lilac, although I think that colour has passed our house furnishing trend, which seems to have gone for Hamptons: cream and blue.
    For me, your makeover definitely has more impact. Well done, you.

    1. I think we are running two interior trends here in the UK at the moment. There’s still the bleached out with hints of grey or even blue Scandi look for the more conservative, or, the über colourful approach as shown through the work of Timorous Beasties and the House of Hackney. No guessing which look I prefer!!! And, thanks for the positive comment re scarf.

      1. I think you’d need a large house with large rooms to accommodate that House of Hackney look. We had an innovative designer, Florence Broadhurst, who established the Australian (Hand Printed) Wallpapers Pty Ltd

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