If we go down to the woods today. . .

It’s that time of year, if you are lucky and live near a bluebell wood, to go strolling through one of Mother Nature’s more enchanting realms. Delicate English bluebells form carpets of violet-blue beneath deciduous trees tinged with the palest of lime green.

I remember several childhood ‘bluebell’ walks. A couple were through the woods near Little Baddow, in Essex and another was an occasion when my family visited the woods near Butley Priory in Suffolk, decades before the remaining gatehouse was restored into a wedding venue.

But what if you live in the middle of a town?

A glade of bluebells, Holywells Park, Ipswich

Well, Holywells Park, Ipswich, does it again. The wooded area of the park may not be vast nor the ‘Bluebell Walk’ exactly long, but they are there, delicate, bluebells nodding gently in the breeze.

The Woodland Walk, Holywells Park

The Woodland Walk partly runs along one side of the park. On the other side of the high, brick boundary wall there’s Bishops Hill, also known as the A1156, busy with traffic. Yet as you walk on down into the peace and quiet of the park you could be forgiven for thinking you were in the middle of a large country estate complete with a wildlife pond.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

9 thoughts on “If we go down to the woods today. . .”

  1. Yes, this is lovely. Bluebells are just kicking in here, but the wretched Spanish ones seem to be making inroads as well. Well done for capturing bluebell blue. Why are blue and purple flowers so difficult?

    1. Yes, it is a shame about the Spanish bluebells as they are nowhere near as delicate as the native ones. They are hybridizing too.

      I think blue/purple is tricky as you have to make sure you’ve got the right white balance set. On some cameras the AWB (automatic white balance) doesn’t give the colour we are seeing. I usually take one shot and run through the optional settings on my screen, but as I type I know my camera has had a software tantrum and my white balance can’t be adjusted at all at the moment. Grrrr.

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