Sunsets on the Waterfront

During the last two months of 2018 the weather was surprisingly benign with a number of clear winter days ending with beautiful sunsets. 

The low sun and the still water down on at the Ipswich Waterfront provided a variety of opportunities for interesting images, some vivid and some gently serene. Here’s a selection.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

11 thoughts on “Sunsets on the Waterfront”

    1. Thank you. And, yes I know what you mean about itchy fingers, but unlike you I know before I start I have no chance of visually expressing what I see before me. 😕

      1. I think you would be very surprised if you tried it. Not the first time or the second, but it’s like other things, practice does really open the door to skill. I think for me it’s been a process of searching out what is the way that I naturally want to do things and removing the “shoulds”. And even if you draw something and it looks awful, the act of drawing is just so focusing and calming. There is no room for anything other thought than observing and working the pen or pencil. I think I like that part about it best of all (it’s certainly what has kept me trying, since believe me, there have been many dismal drawings I have done. Oh yes.)

      2. I can see from your comment why traditionally drawing has been taught as an essential foundation skill. Just recently I saw some early pencil sketches by John Constable whilst he’d been studying at the Royal Academy. You could really see the processes behind the images, such quiet intensity.

      3. You do really get into the essence of what you are looking at, if you draw it, I find. I had no idea until I started doing it. The enjoyment of observing lasts beyond a drawing session, too, you build the habit and you do it all the time.

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