Layering – Part II

Edna-bannerIn a recent post I uploaded photographs of the layering process. I used green dyes for the new top layer on a square silk twill scarf. Here, is another combination of colours on the same original coloured background, but this time on a long scarf.Old-Edo-long

I have used the same approach, drawing on a new set of motifs,


then adding the colour. This time I have used the greens and bronzes,


but have changed the whole feel by adding a rich rose pink and a pale powder pink instead of the lemon yellow.


I think the finished scarf is now a more dynamic, flowing piece.


It is available from my online shop. 2019 update now sold.

Edna-long-boxed copy

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

6 thoughts on “Layering – Part II”

      1. I think the very idea that you have let go of the old design and yet it influences the way you go about the additions, gives you enough of a framework for a coherent result but there is room for “whatever happens” in a way a blank slate doesn’t allow – I mean that since you’ve already decided to make amendments (versus worrying, oh, this is a new piece, will I mess up) – it’s just so freeing. And I do think the layering adds so much movement to the design, sets it free.

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