Back from Narnia?

Agnes-Ashe-Banner-Apr2018 copyIt has been awkward finding appealing interior spaces and decent natural lighting for a scarf photoshoot this past winter and the following grey, grey spring, but, eventually, I have some new photographs for my online shop.


It always takes longer than I think to start achieving interesting shots and then there is that moment when you capture somebody’s ‘selfie business’,

and, of course, there’s always capturing the odd rather strange scary expression – at least one if not more of those!


But if you were wondering what the ‘Back from Narnia’ title was about, well, it was wardrobes. In particular, it is about a partially dismantled Edwardian wardrobe (still, as I write, in pieces) that provided an obvious gateway between 21st century Ipswich and Narnia.



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4 Responses to Back from Narnia?

  1. These are great. A narrative.

  2. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous model, gorgeous scarves! (and I have a “thing” for Edwardian wardrobes too).

    • agnesashe says:

      Awwh thanks. It was amazing we got any decent photos at all. If you could see the chaos I am living in at the moment. Too late I have realised I am too old to be living on site whilst major alterations are being carried out. The noise of modern power tools has a negative effect on my creativity and that’s putting it mildly!

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